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Special live from the town. He joins us in studio right now. He's a Rams fan. But he's also a raiders chargers. Anything west of the Mississippi fan. That's what's the vibe Saturday night the Coliseum dude, you know, as soon as the Cowboys one hours with my friend who's a Cowboys fan. And we went online looking for tickets. So I feel like it's going to be crazy because Cowboys fans are amped up LA fans. Like, when's the last time we've had playoff football. I think it's I think it's going to be I think I heard you say it's going to be that y g atmosphere it's going to be like LA the stars. We're gonna all show up and try to will some kind of like playoff narrative back into it's going to be a lot of Cowboys fans in the house. Oh lot of lot of cowboy fan. It's going to be it's going to be civil war-like. Eat better sit in the right section. They travel like. It's like Steeler fans. Yeah. I don't a lot of them were here. You know, they have roots here having their training camp. Oxnard every year. They are America's team after all. So I feel like they can no passive cowboy fans, I James roots for seven different NFL Cowboys fan. Like, that's your in Hartono. How confident is your boy in the in the Cowboys this week like like is it like, you know, you we're going to take this? Or is it kind of like, we're gonna take this. But I don't know I've seen them lose a lot. And it's like it's like when you're when you're family member or like like your little nephew makes it to like the championship game in his league. Like, you don't know even how much playing time he's going to get. But you're happy you've made it to the stage. So he's just happy to be at this stage. Because I mean, I make fun of all my Cowboys fans. I'm like, I know the story. I know the deal you guys don't win in the playoffs like that. So yeah, I mean, there's a lot of excited seems to be that was always a Tony Romo narrative more so than. Yeah. Well, you know, you'll you'll love this story. I was there when Teo? Jio was crying. That's my quarterback. And I was underneath. So they had a post game. They have them on a podium bets. Like above like the media. So I was standing under the podium and Teo had sunglasses on and I'm looking glass. I'm like this dude is crying like he started like almost kind of like stay. I was like Tam. He really loves Tony Romo like you started crying. And it was just like that thing where every year. The no matter how good Roma was no matter. How good the Cowboys were loss. They always lost in the playoffs. This Saturday night. It goes down at the Coliseum. Kickoffs at five o'clock, you can hear all the pre-game action. Of course here on ESPN LA, we come back. James davis..

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