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All right. Welcome back to the rich. Joe normally when he comes on the show, I text them, or we just, you know, we're we're going back and forth. You wanna come on come on? Just the other day, we post show meeting, and like, hey, do you want Sean Payton on the show, like shore course, since he's here on behalf zebra technologies? The official on field player tracking provider out the National Football League and the engine that powers the next gen stats project that coach in the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, how you Sean. I'm doing well, rich. I didn't know if it was mayor. But dialed me but good to be on. No. It was me. It was me. Definitely me. How you doing? What? What's what what is lifelike that post draft? I figured let's let's let's go underneath the Sean Payton out here. What's going on with your right now? Yeah. So we pushed our off season program back by week. It we've done that before when we're going into the playoffs or go deep in the class. So our players are in the building now and just lifting and run it. You know, we don't. We don't spend a lot of time in meetings or whatnot. You know, they're coming to the facility really getting their bodies in shape. You know, most of them a lot of them, you know, been training already and in the meanwhile, we're as coaches preparing for the upcoming rookie camp where you know, the draft picks will be in for that camp to the sign free agents after the draft still be in. And then we're also allowed to bring in guys on a three day tryout in. So we just met on the rookie camp that we're having next weekend. There'll be probably around sixty five players here the third of which will be draft draft players. Yeah. Free agents in I I would say two thirds will be on trial basis. Well, it looks like you got yourself a new center with the first overall pick of your draft in the second round out of Texas. Am kid Eric McCoy? Now, it was really nice moment for us in our draft coverage to look in on him when he was a apparently they're on the phone with you or Mickey loom. Finding out that his dream is coming true. He's not only going the NFL. But he's going to snap the football that drew Brees of all people. What was that? Like when you got on the phone with him, Sean..

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