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Now more cap with the skipper of the Giants before the Giants and Dodgers play to here at Oracle Park and the Dodgers coming in with the best record in the majors. The Giants a hot team, though, and that game on Tuesday night, the memories of that kind of stayed with you through The night and through the next day, because there was so many exciting and dramatic things that happened in that game. One of the things that stuck out to me the Jazz came from behind four different times in the same game. The Dodgers had three blown saves in the same game. All of these have to be a point of pride for the Giants and the Giants offense in particular. Yeah, and I think our our team has shown that they're toss there. They're not going to be Defeated early in the game, and oftentimes you see that with teams where they go down three or four runs early in the game, and you just can't They can't battle back. And so our team has continually showed that you have that fight in them. And that's from game to game. But it's also in game and I think that's what happened in the game. That your your references and it was a game where Joey Bard after all, of the great things that had happened with him, and that he had accomplished in his first few games All of a sudden, he kind of looked like a rookie back there. He had various problems behind the plate. He had some moments with the the pictures in terms of Ah, not being together with what they wanted and what he was calling for. How would you assess his game on Tuesday night was a tough game. And I think it's good when you can just kind of bring lights of the fact that you have Ah, very, very young and experience Catcher. Who is learning a lot and learning it all on the fly. So we prepared him as much as as we could while he was in the alternate site, Sacramento But that doesn't really get you ready for Getting kind of punched in the mouth at the major league level with everything on the line. So thankfully, we got through a tough game for Joey Barton, where he struggled in a couple of different areas. We won the baseball game and we were able to just chalk it up as a great developmental experience and one that I think will make him better knowing the Giants and the Dodgers are going to play 2 to 7 inning games here at Oracle Park, and that's the gate Capital Show for today. Manager..

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