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Sign up now for your K NPR half past headline past headlock, We'll be sports sports leader. You could look at the headlines here in the five o'clock hour. Several injured players for both the Chiefs in the box are expected to be healthy for Super Bowl. 55 Chiefs running back Levy on Belle's got a knee injury. Sammy Watkins has got a calf. They're going to go in the Super Bowl. Now Antonio Brown babbling in the injury of his own and the safety Antoine Winfield Junior's got an ankle injury, but both are expected to be ready for the February 7th Super Bowl. The Chiefs will play without their star left tackle Eric Fisher. He is out s O. They have shifted right tackle Mike Remmers to Fisher spot at left tackle, and they'll probably do the same on Super Bowl Sunday. 40 Niners made in the roster choice today. Re signing Jeff Wilson. He gets a one year deal. He led the Niners with 600 rushing yards and seven touchdowns this last year. The Baseball Hall of Fame voting was held today at three o'clock, and nobody is going to the hall. Curt Schilling fell short of the 75% needed. He finished with 71% Bonds and Clemens also finished short. They have one year left. On the ballot tonight. Sharks and Avalanche dropped the puck. It's six o'clock a couple baseball notes. Twins sign Andrelton Simmons Toronto signs Marcus Simeon, the former A gets a one year $18 million deal. The Giants have signed Tommy was Stella was your half past headlines. Goddamn it, baby night. London. I'm on little Joe. You want to, uh Now back up Mr T crew can Robby t. J B on KNBR 1045 and 68, ft Sports leader. We still have a problem in the embassy. And I have a way to solve it. Um We still have guys. Hitting other guys in the soft tissue region in the NBA. We still have guys who are taking out their frustrations. On on their on their opponents. Way still got guys who out there sacked happen. Chris Paul is is in the toted, Uh, notorious sack tapper. If you've seen James Dream on green, get around People's Uh, hot zone. And last night's and Nuggets Mavericks game. Jamal Murray. He came for. Tim Hardaway Jr and the Tim Hardaway Jr. And because Tim Hardaway Sr. Is his family that makes Tim Hardaway Jr family so Jamal Murray. Tim Hardaway Jr that mean he hit us, Larry and I take umbrage Sears too, that you don't mess with kinfolk. And I don't I don't I don't give up opportunities to take umbrage. I mean, I can remember just something I enjoy taking. Grab it with both hands. Hold on to that umbrage, But this this is a problem. Was the problem in our in our society. Was it accidental by Jamal Murray could it could be argued that it was accidental? He tried to argue it. Go look at the video look at the video. And then you tell me if it was accidental, my man got the vice grip going. He before we're on the floor, where they It was they were like, I don't know..

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