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You don't have to wear it. They encourage you to where you have to have it on board. Just the same as for those of inflatable cutbacks. And in canoes and boats You also have to have those onboard anybody twelve and under house to have a license done whatever they're on the water but really truly if you have a life vest on some of these other things can happen and and it's definitely survivable without them with that cold water People just aren't used to that. I mean that water up at horse tooth probably isn't even fifty degrees yet so You know and obviously the poodle river water as you know. Probably in the forties so You know it's nice to enjoy the water but you do have to take some precautions. Muslim heart of the fort collins colorado miles. What are you got coming up. I know you got a little bit of a trip planned We're got a three day weekend this weekend. What do you got going on miles. You work on anything. I am working on a story on so we talked briefly about that time. Entry reservation system that Rocky mountain national park instituted it last year And they have it again. This year in that has spilled over now to some places arapaho national forest. And i'm doing a story on the likelihood that this is going to become a reality in some of the the very popular areas on our public lands I would be surprised if roosevelt national forest Looks at that. So i have a story coming up when i get back from mexico. I have a story coming up on that Regarding the future of that system well miles. Enjoy your trip travel safely and thank you so much for joining us. That's our syrupy four by four. Vip guests miles bloomberg. Thank you so much. My friend advocate you to that. Is appreciate him coming on. We gotta get a break go because we're We're up against it. It's no co now. It's funny friday presented by the comedy for north dakota's voice. Thirteen ten kfi..

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