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This World Cup for the U.S. men's national team. Is geo's body language, given everything that this kid has dealt with in the last week, something nothing or everything. Son, unfortunately, everything. Really? We're not, let me play devil's advocate as always. We're not over analyzing this. We're not looking too much at like a few clips of video. So there are players almost every player that can't hide their emotions. They're incapable of doing it. And then there are younger players like Jill Reina, who are still figuring themselves out. Some older players are a little better at trying to do it. But we're all human. You're stuck somewhere in between being excited for your team. But you're angry and you're pissed off. Is it not just not playing? Is it not just that he isn't playing, but what's happened around him not playing? And it's unfortunate. What's happened around him that's put him, I think, in this weird headspace. Yeah. And that's the worst place to be as an athlete. And at a World Cup, your first World Cup. At the biggest moment of your sporting life to date, you're in this headspace. Whether it's your fault or somebody else's fault, what do you think is just or unjust, here you are. You should be excited, your team just pulled up, pulled off a historic achievement with this very young team, and they're celebrating their singing, their dancing, they're taking videos, and you have your headphones on. You want nothing to do with that moment, you want to just melt away. I know the feeling. I know the feeling. It's unfortunate. That the onus has been put on geo, which I think has put Greg berhalter in a very uncomfortable position. One he created with the incongruence is the inconsistencies. But then it was created in a different way and then magnified in a different way. And we have to point out by Eric wynalda, former U.S. men's national team player because we talked about it. Which puts the onus on Greg berhalter and Greg berhalter is being forced to answer questions about that. In the Iran presser and said, if everything else. So in the back of his mind, he must be thinking, what does geo think? And geo must be thinking what does Greg think? So now Gio is in this weird headspace because I still think there's an opportunity for Gio. Indy's knockout rounds to be a hero. There's too much talent in that player to let it go to waste over some silly, stupid, rumor mill, cheese muscle stuff. Yeah. That's a reality. And just to clear that up, Eric wynalda has since effectively recanted almost everything that he said. It makes it I told you here on this show. Eric went all the love's attention and Eric went all the exaggerates. Let me talk to you about geo Rena. Giorno right now. Should have been part of that game. Jill rayna shouldn't have watched the team suffer for almost 18 minutes. There was a role. Sat back. In a defensive shell suffering, nail biting, praying, hoping. That there's not a play, a penalty kick. There's not a play on goal. So you can advance out of this group. In a very controllable game, a game that you had. Jill Reina could be that man to come on anywhere in the field. Midfield up top out wide, get the ball, keep the ball for you. Do something for you. That wasn't what happened. What had happened was Jill reign of frustrated watching this all unfold. Now doubting himself in this headspace. And this to me is confirmation and can't nobody tell me otherwise. I've been there. I've seen players who are there. Everybody who sees Gio Reina, this body language, it should speak

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