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Tv the press conference the radio shows the tv interviews now you would have thought uh this the greatest higher in the history of major league baseball then um i gotta tell you irene the only thing all agree with about every day is that yeah he's been around baseball his whole life good for you so uh congratulations he was a a bob dylan's care but are dow lousy ganadero he grew up a major league players sign so he was around there's been a thousand of them that have grown up around baseball i've seen bonds cares i've seen every kid ever that's dad play major this while they grew up around baseball and now suddenly because he grew up around baseball and it's been around baseball his whole life suddenly is casey stangl so i gotta tell you i'm just not buying in yet that he's the greatest manager ever hired because he's been around baseball his whole life while i've been around baseball my whole life to maybe i should manage the mats euro so i mean if that's the case than anybody george you've been around baseball basketball your whole life why are you coach in the next i mean if he can do it anybody can do it because he's never costa dan is life he's never manage the day in his life and these guys carbody in one of them they're ready to crown the guy already the greatest manager ever you've already told me last night you're all in all of your all koolaid and your life this is the guy he's saying all the right things i'll it's so hard to say all the right things when he got a smoke show white sitting next thea and i'll tell you what's going to happen that's gonna be the last she's going to be cnn for the next ten years gives when you're the manager the new york yankees you ain't got no divert family no that.

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