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PG 13. The initial ratings categories were g m R and X. The M category was eventually changed. The PG parental guidance suggested, and the PG 13 category was added to indicate film content with a higher level of intensity. On August 10th 1984 the action film Red Dawn became the first ever PG 13 movie to be released. 4 30 At the same time, the Marquis Fire and Police Commission meeting is at 4 30. Is it too coincidental or not? It is very coincidental. One of the three people on the list for Wall tells police chief is Jeffrey Norman, and he is currently the acting police chief for Milwaukee Police Department. Um The other two is James McGillis and the David cells are and again they're going to be deciding today at 4 30 on who the next chief will be. And I'll come out and say it. I mean, I think the odds on favorite is Jeffrey Norman, the current one. Yeah, the current acting chief. Now that raises a really interesting question is that proves to be true. And it's Norman and he goes to our Tosa. And if they settle with Morella's turning the Marquis chief, Yeah, and so we, but that's true because Not only do we lose the acting chief A B. They don't want the folks at city. All the politicians don't want Morales back and see who's running the place. Do they have any assistant or Deputy Jeeves in the marquee Police department knowing and we're told, nobody knows this is astonishing. At a time of historic crime increases. Nobody knows. We were told there is no assistant chiefs in the Mikey Police Force. Right now you have to go down to Inspector level and Some of those inspectors are retiring. Apparently, most people who are coming up for retirement now are running out the door and you have this guy point. Macauley, who is one of the two candidates when the when the Fire Police Commission deadlocked a couple months ago. He's an FBI agent is Marky ties they could circle back to him, but he is supported by BLM. That's BLM's charge. Just what more he needs him, right? Yeah. So? So it begs the question of why they're doing this to Chief Morales. Why they've done this from the start because it's not like they have a better option. So Former alder Bob Donovan and perhaps others, But Bob's name is on there, writes a letter recently. Um, where the police association writes a letter and Bob put those numbers in his statement that he wrote so far this year and tell me if I'm wrong, 2021 Crime up 45% in the city of Milwaukee. Homicides up from a record high last year. Rapes up 24% robberies up 21% theft is up. 42% and motors vehicle theft is up a whopping 100. And 94%, Jim. Those are you know if we were talking 568 10%. Yeah, we'd be going. Wow, Those numbers are really something and keep in mind That's coming off a historic year last year. Those were all historic numbers, record level homicide numbers, and we're now roughly at that same number as we were last year. It's appalling, and I want to paint another point of contrast to the numbers that you just read. So consider this. The Milwaukee County district attorney's office. John Chisel who skates all the time. We're all focusing on the police were all talking about morale is all the time. What about the D A. Well, it turns out that misdemeanor charges are down 33%. Felony charges are down 12% the D, a non prosecutes about 60% of felony charges, and and we have found serious gun cases, for example, that the police want criminal charges. The D A has refused to charge by the way those numbers are with an increase in arrests. Milwaukee Police Department walkie suburbs are actually arresting more people. But yet the percentage of those being charged as dropping at a time when crime is exploding and more so the idea is not doing his job like he's just refusing to prosecute what needs to be done. And here's another statistic, I think will shock some of your audience. The jail population in the city of Milwaukee is down 77%. Since 2015. This is a con. So what is that? Tell you? It tells you it tells me the people that should be in jail are not in jail and they're out there real fending. It tells me that you've got to walk D A Who's afraid of, you know, losing at the next election because BLM doesn't like him. And so he's aggressively not prosecuting cases that the police are bringing over there. Despite being decimated in numbers, the marquee please since suburban departments are bringing the referrals over those, as Jim noted, are up, which sounds like a misnomer aggressively, not prosecuting cases that sounds like But but that's kind of what it is. It's this kind of. Oh, these are smaller crimes so we can't use up jail cells. Oh, we don't have the staff all we don't have this. I mean, is it? I mean, at some point, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what's going on in the city of Milwaukee into our point earlier, Jim What happens in Milwaukee radiates into the burbs into the X herbs and into the surrounding counties. I mean, I hear this and both of you to do from prosecutors and sheriffs and was from the cow is surrounding us. This is not Helpful and and and, frankly, for a lot of folks should drive into, you know, let's put the pandemic aside for the we have a ton of people driving into the city every single day. So this really it threatens everyday folks in this community, but it threatens a lot of other people, too. That's right Outside the committee look at my nominee falls to get despite an increase is that we're having in Wauwatosa because the crime is spreading, so it does affect everyone. And that's why if you're you're living in walking shark Coney right now, thinking Well, this is Mark. It really doesn't affect me. It does affect you and it's something you need to be concerned about. And and, and quite honestly, I mean, what's going on, I think is we have a radical new generation of common council members and county board members, you know, and obviously a city attorney in the city, Milwaukee. These are not your father's alderman. So to speak, right exactly aren't the reasonable Democrats like Michael Murphy or whatever right right, folks that you might have had disagreements with them? But they also know That if Milwaukee is on fire, it affects everything. I mean, I expect this in Madison. Because People know statewide. There are a lot of crazy folks in Madison with a friend of mine refers to that Madison City Council is the is the Congress of nonprofit organizations because because there's just not a lot of people on their night, a lot of more wonderful, but a lot of them are just hard core liberal. I mean, I've seen and you would know better than I would But in the last how many years on the City Council and on the Milwaukee County board, you have people who have never run anything. They're politically driven there politically driven in a very left wing way, and you've got a million people here who are suffering. And their own Their own representatives aren't listening to him. Well, this is liberal Autopia, I guess, um, you know, having inert police force that's not prosecuting or, you know, not arresting people. Um, reform, the criminal justice systems. No one's in jail, or they're getting bailed out on signature bonds and the D A is not charging. This is a failed liberal experiments. And it's completely predictable that this would be the results. I'm I'm just a little surprised the degree of it, and that's happened so fast. Well, and it has happened fast. You could argue that, you know, do you fund the police in Milwaukee really began with morale. 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