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Consider that a funnel to a certain degree. Now there's email sequences that go along with it this. The sales call there's ultimately the sale at the end of the day. Like there's going to be a lot of convincing. That's going to go on after that landing page and thank you call pre frame page and then multiple touch points after that which isn't in our funnel but it goes off line at that point because they're buying something that's six figures potentially and then obviously then we is the agency that actually do a lot of their legion. Was they become a franchise so it's actually a good good way of doing things so they come in through facebook and then we ended up helping them grow through facebook and other platforms. Point is is like that is a sales funnel in my opinion because you are off line. Interaction is still something that is extremely important now. Can we put more pages in after that and make it sort of a classic click funnels sales funnel i suppose but all we really want to do is capture their attention on ads video. That's engaging talking about business opportunities etc get them to opt in and then it's really. It's our customers good. Follow up and they have supreme. Follow up in this case because it's obviously it's a sale that they want to be going after a that's a really good example of a service based business with a very high ticket item that can be sold through interruption marketing with a mini sales funnel. Man if it were just you know lead and then nothing else you know with really no follow up. Maybe we don't get their phone number or something like that. Just the will send them. A packet will put them into an email sequence after they initially show some kind of interest. In buying the franchise it would be far less effective. It'd be a non starter. When i think that's maybe where we're i'm spoiled because i'm a gu-guy i do you know we don't focus solely on search but that's where we start and so i get in front of somebody..

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