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She's out in Arlington, Virginia, listens to our show on W M A. L. She is also one of the over 5000 Great five star reviews about network Capital Online. I just wanted to share Her story, she writes. I had an amazing experience with Spencer Lupin. Although I called to ask about refinancing, I was reluctant to commit. Spencer was super patient. Let me go at my own pace. He answered all my questions, and there were a lot of questions inside. Just been through every fight 10 months before. Spencer was supportive of my need to know about every charge and took the time to explain everything. Sometimes more than once. I appreciate it appreciated that he would check in to see if I needed help. And watch the process closely, prompting me to act when I missed a call or email, Uh, he was incredibly attentive to details and personally saw them. My needs were taken care of at warp speed. This is my third home and about my eight or 935 experience, but it's been the best, usually in the middle of it. You get handed off to somebody else. He remained in the background guiding and checking in on me a total White Glove service. Ask for this guy. You will love the experience just to clarify No one paid me to write this When you get good or bad service, you tend to want the world to know. Oh, so good and the cherry on top lower payments, Awesome interest rates, saving me a boatload of money. I mean, Sean, I've got a boatload of praise for Dina and this review. It's It's so great. I'm so thrilled she got the White Glove service. I thought you did a great job explaining why network Capital has 5005 star reviews because this isn't a bank. This isn't your any experience you've ever had before doing a re fi. You have to put that out of your mind. This is completely different. I know from personal experience, having done four of them myself. I think Dina really nailed it. And obviously she loved working with Spencer Lupin. Yeah, The customers are amazing. Like I wish we were allowed to give them something to reward. It's actually illegal in our business. Now, because of the animal s is new rules. We can't give them something of value. Like we can't even send him a network capital HaTorah, nowhere capital. Anything so all we could do is just shout them out on the radio. And when we call him and tell him, Thank you like that's really all we could do. I wish we could do more. I'd fly out every single person that does a five star review and let them meet the people that they were working with. They have no idea how much this means, like these people were sacrificing so much Teresa to make sure they can get the job done in this 10 day clip, like there's a lot of pressure is a lot of stress. We really want to make sure we deliver. In this moment. We don't want to let us single family down as the thousands of calls poor, and we want to make sure that each person gets the opportunity to save money between Spencer Siegel and Spencer Lubin. It seems like they're fan favorites. People are love and working with the Spencers. They're both like great on structuring, like one thing I like about both Spencer's. They're so good with the numbers like Spencer Siegel's like You're not going to find anybody better with the Mass. Spencer Loop in the guy's an athlete. The guys will winner the guys that champion he's a water polo superstars. So like I know one thing about both of them their competitive they're going to get the job done. They want to make sure they save you more money than anybody else So That's why I like sport driven mentality type people because we get the job done. We're so competitive. We always want to win. And when we win, you win, So it's a great relationship. Dina shout out to you. We appreciate you and Tanya from Arlington, Virginia. Always getting phone calls from W M l one. Oh, 5.9 FM out there to 855 on radio. But keep in mind. We've got a lot more to go. We still got more results. More trans accolades. Some new programs that are still booming will tell you guys about some of the fan favorites. I keep getting emails about particular people, but I want you guys to start with the phone call. Tell the truth. What are your goals? What are you looking to do? When do you want to retire? What would you do with the savings? Like one thing? I would ask you if you got me on the phone..

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