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And here's the president, basically backing up the arguments of mob bosses trying to get people to testify. Here's why I think the president is going out with the all out, sort of attacking not just on Mcgann, potentially, John dean, John Brennan, he's weak and he's nervous because he has fought from the beginning that everybody around him was there to protect him member. You wanted loyalty from Jim Komi. He couldn't believe that Jeff Sessions would recuse himself defending him. No, he's realizing that everyone's not there to defend him and he's lashing out to try to prevent the one person who can bring them down, which is this generation's John dean in caroliina both. Thank you from mcgann's role in the White House and what he may have told me. Team on joined by Republican strategists, Cheri, Jacobus, and former US attorney. Harry, Littman, Sherri, let me start with you, you, you know, again, you moved them Republican political circles for very long time where he has been a fixture. What do you make of him. Laxly. I don't know him. I my had my personal contact with hammer. My lawyers was when he was trying to get me to sign an NDA to shut me up. Silence me about a super Pac that they were covering up that they had. If you remember going back during the primary, but look, I think that he's between a rock and a hard place. He wants to come off like the good guy. He probably did incriminate the president maybe without even knowing that he did. So he has he, he's been with Trump. He was the council for the campaign, so it's not just a White House, chief counsel. He goes way way back Chris. So he knows everything from the beginning. So he could be sitting there and thirty hours of conversations with Muller and his team. Well, they're trying to collect some raw data and that's what the FBI does. They collect raw data and these questions. So he could be providing information that could infect incriminate Trump, but but Mcgann might not even know it. Look, he's a good lawyer, but he's not. He's, you know, he's not a genius and he's not a wizard. So in thirty hours I find it hard. It's not a realistic expectation. You can sit. There for thirty hours and give a lot of raw data. And at some point he's going to be giving them something that they need either for this case or for something else. Because again, he goes way back in the campaign where they were very, very sloppy as you know, nobody thought they would win the primary let alone the general election so they didn't care. And that's where he has value Harry, my amateur readers like thirty hours sounds like a lot. What do you make of that? Thirty hours is a lot and he would have focused on the facts. Remember Mcgann says, calls Trump King Kong because of his volcanic outbursts. Mcgann is the guy who Trump says Goethe sessions and tell them to recused before he knows Mcgann is the guy who argues against the Komi firing, and I just don't see how they can lively say he couldn't have given him anything. It's not just the point. The good point that Carol makes that they don't know what Muller already knows. But the whole core point of evidence. Remains here for Muller is Trump's state of mind, and he showed Mcgann is shoulder to shoulder with Trump daily. He sees him screaming, he sees these tirades. He sees them talk about Komi. He sees them talk about sessions. It really seems implausible to me that the info he provides just the factual info and he would have just given the fact right wouldn't couldn't be eliminating in trying to construct a case of what was in Trump's mind when he did these key personnel actions share, you know, Mcgann strikes me as someone who occupies an interesting sort of intersection of diagram. He's a, he is a kind of movement, GOP lawyer. I mean, he's close to McConnell. He was at the, he's a W Bush appointee. He's part of the movement. He's squirreling Brett cavenaugh around as they prepare for those hearings cavenaugh also kind of a movement, conservative lawyer before he ascended the judiciary, but but he's in the Trump orbit and I eat. He strikes me as a kind of he's Representative of much broader set of people who..

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