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I think that's going to sharpen that iron a little bit more than past Eason's for Zack's art. So you said you think their five top one hundred teams from the west coast conference who were the other four and who kinda stands out from that group. Well, I think the team the biggest surprise is San Francisco this year. I I mean, I know they're coming off a loss in San Diego and less game. But that San Francisco team, you know, not too much was expected, and I get it. They of all the teams in the conference they played the weakest strength of schedule so far. But I think, you know, the don's really, you know, coming into their own here this season as helped out the conference, and it starts on the defensive side of the ball for them. Or were they have, you know, a top thirty defense in the country. And in fact, I if you believe the camp bomb ratings as far as the just the defensive efficiency, even better defense begins zag at this point, San Francisco has really stepped up, you know, San Diego's at team, and then the kinda was making some improvement last year. But but San Diego's a team that's also been an improvement over additions as San Diego coming off. You know wins against Lyle and San Francisco and our last couple of games they've kind of separated themselves and put. Them in the top one hundred. And then the other two teams in these teams have been around here for the last decade when it comes to kinda challenges when it comes to begin zagging west coast, Saint Mary's taking a little bit of a step back this year. They're coming up back to back losses but still from from profitable aspect fourteen and eight against the number this year, Saint Mary's not as good as passed additions. But certainly I haven't in my top forty as far our top fifty when it comes to power rating. And then, you know, BYU got a big win over St Mary's in their last game, they kind of been meandering away. It's not one of the better BYU teams we've seen in where they're going to get up close and personal how good BYU is nationally when they play against zag tonight. But I think all five of those teams starting with gins aga- filed by San Francisco Saint Mary's BYU in San Diego. They're all my top one hundred and I don't think there's going to be a lot of disagreement there nationally. So is this a top five of the conference? It just keeps rolling through the regular season. Or do you think somebody in that bottom? Five can you know, maybe sneak up there and spoil the party. You know, I would have said that Lila Miramonte would have been one to to possibly breakthrough there. But you know, San Diego losing that game here to recently lost a Saint Mary's at home, and that was a relatively big loss for them. Just having seen them be able to move. I mean coming up next for them. I mean, they got a relatively easy game against Pacific. They should win. And I'd even lean on them to cover the night hosting Pacific there at BYU that'll be Grellet. I mean, that's the big week for them will be next week at BYU, and then hosting San Diego if they can break through into that top five, I think that would be the team that possibly could do it. But I just haven't seen enough of by sign from the lion. So far this season say they'll they can jump in that Nixon and compete with the big boys. Now are there any situational types of spots? You look at here. I mean, do you sort of look to fade teams after they play Gonzaga? Are there any scheduling situations? You try to capitalize on. Well, it's an it is one of those conferences where you can because they're playing these Thursday Saturday games. And you know, again, this is handicapping worn on this, very basic level stuff here. But you know, it's the one conference where you see teams play three four straight road games. And a lot of times at the end of that road trip, especially if it's kinda, you know, you're playing to road games in three nights. The those are ones that I don't mind taking advantage of specifically if they're played at that, you know that last one and get zagging kind in that situation, although they've had a week in between games here..

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