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Harry Connick junior they also included his children Branford to fail Jason and Winton on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is up about four points at twenty thousand nine hundred forty seven you're listening to NPR news and for KCRW on Jonathan Bastian good morning at seven oh four here's what's happening across the region and the state the nation's largest long term care union representing health care workers has called for the immediate implementation of the defense production act KCRW's Larry pearl reports the Los Angeles based local says it needs the federal government to request companies to make needed protective supplies for healthcare workers on the front lines of the corona virus pandemic service employees International Union in LA represents four hundred nursing home and home care workers throughout the state union officials say the workers do not have close to adequate protection with Colbert nineteen outbreaks already beginning to impact nursing homes the president of SEIU local twenty fifteen said yesterday that among other things they need the immediate distribution of the masks and equipment held in the strategic national stockpile they say they want the feds to use all powers to speed immediate production of new supplies and ensure their rather to states for distribution for people not just with Colbert nineteen they say that includes people who live with conditions such as heart disease and diabetes the CEO of renew health group's family of health care services says nursing home residents constitute the most at risk group with regard to this outbreak for KCRW on Larry Parral the university of California system is easing some of its admissions standards in the face of the coronavirus disruptions UC announced it will eliminate S. A. T. scores and minimum letter grades for required classes as admissions requirements fall off for twenty twenty and beyond official said the grave disruptions to schooling during covert nineteen pandemic calls for maximum flexibility while evaluating students KCRW cerise castle reports the UC regents decision will relax the admissions process for about two hundred thousand prospective freshmen and transfer students it's out of concern that they might not be able to meet requirements because their high schools or community colleges have moved to online classes and a pass or fail grading system S. C. T. N. A. C. T. settings are being canceled or postponed along with high school eggs exams in English proficiency test for international students the letter grade requirements for courses completed in winter spring and summer twenty twenty for all students has been suspended along with the standardized test score requirement for fall twenty twenty one freshman admission the twenty three schools in the cal state system we'll see similar action but all of this may be temporary you see president Janet Uppala Tano says the suspension of standardized testing requirements does not necessarily apply to applicants in fall twenty twenty two and beyond for KCRW I'm cerise castle stainless school here a number of local school districts in California have started announcing the unwelcome but really not unexpected news that they will remain closed for the rest of the academic year Long Beach and Oakland were among the first to pull the plug in making their announcements Wednesday just after governor Newsom said districts should focus on teaching students online Newsome said it's unlikely the corona virus will allow any school in California to reopen before summer the California federation of teachers supports the recommendation that schools closed for the academic year and will certainly update you on this as we learn about more closures in the needs near future potentially support for NPR comes from Linda mood bell learning centers with instruction to help students reach their learning potential summer programs for reading comprehension of math learn more Linda mood bell dot com slash NPR it's seven.

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