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German Sidle U. V C, Go to michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the eight. Let's go to Steve Dresner in the W T O P Traffic center in Maryland and the Laurel areas still backed up on the North bound set of I 90. Find the vehicle fire has been long put out and this before to 60 next or 35. We are jammed up in two to the left to get you by at last report. South Bell not affected, good ride from both bill ways and traffic still moving slowly on the North bound side of the B W Parkway after one 97 crash activity. A less report had a single left lane, getting it by South bound on the parkway approaching the 50 spill a split rather and Chevrolet NW, and we do have the right side block for crash activity. It's been contained to the right shoulder, but we now have the right lane block folks trying to retrieve some of the debris that was scattered all over the road, Wayne In the district a good ride in both directions on the freeway quite on D. C. Tu 95 9 to 95 over in Virginia eastbound 66 near the Prince William Parkway. Earlier crash activity has been clearer. Travel lanes open eastbound staying on 66 approaching the rest area and last report the word zone set up currently blocks the right lane. The W T O P Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and Save money on New Toyota's on Days and Subaru's visit fit small dot com Transparency You can trust Steve Dresner. W T o P traffic NOW to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Samara Theodore. The rest of our Saturday still looks on the damn side with rain showers overnight temperatures in the upper sixties and some moderate to heavy pockets of rain into early Sunday morning. The first half of our Sunday.

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