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The day off I'm MandA factor here are the. Top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven newscenter, a can't police officer was. Killed early yesterday when he was struck by another officer during a pursuit officer. Diego Marino was an eight year veteran of the Kent police. Department he'd been deploying a strip of spikes across the road intending to flatten, the tires, of a pickup that was being chased by another officer. Can't police commander Jared Kastner came through the intersection of Kent Des Moines road and west meeker street striking spike strips the officer, deploying those spike strips was also struck after the collision the driver of the patrol vehicle, went on to crash into three cars. Parked at a nearby intersection, he was seriously hurt officer, Marino was, a hostage negotiator and was recognized with an exceptional duty award after saving an elderly woman from a fire two years. Ago he leaves behind a wife and two young, children and, the MoMA Oriel, for officer Marino continues to, grow in Kent even before we knew who exactly had. Been killed we saw people. Dropping off flowers putting up flags at their own homes we have heard, so many people describe. Diego Moreno as one in a million a highly decorated eight year veteran with the department officers are standing watch over marinas body at the medical examiner's office in. Seattle according to his wife she did put a post on Facebook saying his funeral is set for July thirty first at show where center. Komo's Lee stolen. The rest of the camp police department is now tasked with continuing to protect their community while they. Mourn the death of officer Marino we continue our team coverage with. Komo's Denise Whitaker can police officers are still out there there's still hitting the street they're still protecting. The city doing their job. Today just say did before officer Moreno's death and the outpouring of support continues for across so many different departments Pierce county sheriff Paul, Pastora tells us this is what they do they take risks for For the good of. Others we have expectations for what we want. People with badges to do we want them to. Take those risks carefully but we want them to. Take those risks there's no way, we can do the job without risk. That's just law enforcement in America all first responders will continue to support one, another along with their entire communities and it's really even difficult for those first responders families as well to let them go to work at bay two. Are still doing it day in and day, out or any first responders struggling.

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