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Out to treat every taste. Well, that's it. We're out of Fanta Halloween. Don't live with the horror of running out of Fanta. Banta. It's a thing J. Away news radio. The boys of Colorado live everywhere on the I. Heart radio ABS from ABC News. I'm Derek Dennis questions on the timeline of President Trump's Corona virus, illness and his need for supplemental oxygen before he finally went to the hospital President Trump Tweeted just before one AM Friday that he was For Kobe 19. But today, his position, Dr Sean Conley said. Mr Trump is 72 hours into the diagnosis now, and a second physician, Dr Brian Garibaldi, said this about 48 hours ago, the president received A special antibody therapy directed against the Corona virus. The White House now trying to clear up that timeline, saying Dr Conley men it's Day three, not 72 hours that the diagnosis was made Thursday night and that the antibody treatment was given that night, not Thursday morning. Karin Travers. ABC NEWS Washington Indications are the president. The first lady and a long list of others connected to the White House contracted the virus from last Saturday's rules Garden ceremony announcing Judge Amy Cockney Barrett is the president's Supreme Court nominee. Few people wore masks in the tightly packed crowd as faras. The race for 2020 goes, the Trump campaign is moving forward. Despite the president's covert 19 diagnosis and his hospital stay. We're going to be fanning out across the country. Starting with virtual events in the holidays and then expanding to in person events. After the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, audio of Vice President Mike Pence there during a call with campaign workers, courtesy of the Lincoln Project. Meantime, Democrats will Biden is also on the campaign trail Olding a virtual town hall Saturday with transit union members in Delaware, touting the importance of wearing a mask and highlighting how the Trump administration Is handled the pandemic in the administration was told You know that, Uh there's 1000 people a day die in a cove. It Response was, it is what it is. This was this It is it is because they're who they are. I'm saying he was struggling with trying not to criticize the president as he deals with his Corona virus illness. You're listening to ABC News news radio time to 02 crews getting more containment on the Cameron Peak fire is up to 40% containment has burned more than 126,000 acres. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity helped firefighters on Saturday cooler temperatures and less smoke and haze in Denver on Saturday. But things start heating up again today and during the work week heading into Monday and Tuesday, those high temperatures will be climbing into the low eighties and this is where we're going to say for the rest of the work week. Keep in mind. This is not 10 degrees above our average high for this time of year here in Denver of 30 one's Jessica label says There is no rain in the forecast, either, she says highs today will be in the seventies. Mullen High School is cancelled its first football game of the season because two students have tested positive for Corona virus spokesman Kathleen Pariscac. We had had two students and separate cohorts that had tested.

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