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Goes hello friend Welcome to ten basis. I'm brian hart. I'm karen mcfarlane holman and here we go with another episode yeah. I'm really glad we're here because kind make it this week. Yes there's a little story behind that we'll talk a little more about that later. But i'm really glad you're here. I am glad. I'm here. But i get to go first this time so my khushi is going to be a series of articles and has so. I'm kind of assuming that a lot of people have seen or heard of squid game. It is the biggest phenomenon in netflix history. Ever literally the number one most watched show ever. So there's a series of articles of what you can read after you've binged squid game and it's called wondering if you would survive. Here's what to read by the new york times so again squid game in just its first four weeks time recording one hundred and forty two million accounts on netflix. And that doesn't include. If you're sharing it with someone have tune into swigging. So two out of every three netflix subscribers around the world have watched the show for at least two minutes. The company says so just in case. You don't know what it is or is a quick summary hundreds of cash-strapped players except a strange invitation to compete in children's games inside a tempting prize awaits with deadly high high-stakes and deadly is underlined as a viable game. That has a forty five point. Six billion won prizes stake. I think it's like fifty some billion million dollars something. It's a lot of money for anyone to win. So there's all of these articles again that kind of sourced from different places like dr sung lee. An expert in korean film and television from university from the age talks about why it's popular and shows focus the ever increasing gap of the rich and poor as proved timely for audiences. It's about home economics rather than homo sapiens. These people who only about money. The show's characters which is kind of this parallel that we're living now even more than lately. There's so many different articles. So i have a whole list to check the show notes for what to watch after squeaking. Well apparently i'm one of the very few people who have not watched it feel. Yes you've ever everybody. Most everybody has probably heard about it now. But i didn't know what it was about. I had no idea so. I'm glad that you gave a summary of it. I all i've heard about it is someone said. Oh maybe you should watch it. And then they kind of said Although it's not really for everyone. And i kinda shied away from it but it sounded like there was a little bit of gore a lot of gore. It's okay very it's very gory. But you know. I don't know it's hard for me because i'm a little bit to sensitize and i'm used to korean cinema. I love cream films. I was huge fan of the original old boy. I should to all my friends. They question my sanity afterwards. Because it's hard core you know parasite of course won an oscar. it's different. it's not quite gory. But it does have this ratcheting tension and so it's got a lot of that. It's got a lot of elements of oh boy and parasite and you know. And that's a little unusual for series what you would kind of call a tv series and korea. Usually they're more like melodrama and comedies. And so this is the first time or they took a series and made it like their cinema. Which is super dark very dark. Humor very graphic for sure but sometimes some people have said that if it's so stylized in overblown it's more like a comic book movie like it's so it's over the top. It's not realistic. Although the sticks real situations and what makes the show so good is it. Takes these big questions. These human moments and vulnerabilities of people. And so it's very micro and macro out on those society. Korea is very good snow piercer. Also and parasite is about classism about rich people. Poor people people in between and it really does such in. That's universal you know that's definitely something we could relate to here in the states are probably anywhere you live but what i noticed about these articles which really says how big this show is is. It was like men's health and eat magazine. Women's magazine i mean Every spectrum even kind of like teen magazine which is definitely borderline. Younger people should see it. Everybody is like getting a piece of the action or whatever you wanna call it because it's so universal and there's all these crazy concepts from every point of view. It's pretty interesting that this list of articles. And that's why i like this one so much is that you can find anything that might interest you but i would say i don't know if i recommend it if you if you can handle some gore and people getting shot and dying the sociology. The all of that is pretty fascinating. And you'll think about it. I think besides the gore you'll think about it for a long time. My colleagues are still talking about it. Oh wow like all the time we talked about last night in different and it's pretty wild. It's pretty it's a phenomenon. Well thanks for talking about it. Because now i kind of know what it is harder. Maybe a little more prepared. If you're in that kind of mood yeah yeah. Yeah and to see that. List of articles to dot com slash squid game. You right to it. Perfect all right thanks. Welcome michael sheet. I am going to be talking about a video and this is why is being scared so fun. Maybe this is related to exclude games scary. But anyway why it's been so fun. Fear is often perceived as being a negative feeling. We're warned that acting out of fear never leads to anything good. We are told that we should be brave but one article. I read recently talked about how we either act out of love or fear as if they are mutually exclusive and i thought back totally right and this video speaks to that so in this video this talks about all of the positive aspects of the feeling of fear which gave me a whole new perspective on it and i really enjoyed that. Fear does have an important role evolutionary speaking and many of us know this is tied in with fight or flight instinct which is crucial for survival in some situations. The buddy shuts down other systems like rational thinking so that we can take care of the business whatever's happening right then pronto to get out of harm's way when we're real danger we're in a state of high arousal are endocrine system has an enormously.

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