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The Jodi Mack gill returns here's Judy mac all right phones open love to hear from you during the last couple of minutes I guess shock is what's kicked in for called bands out there I'm sure we have a couple and if you just happen to be listening to me it's one of those things have your cold van that two years from now five years from now ten years from now twenty years from now you'll go where were you when you heard not saw most of the time you want to say saw which means your team has accomplished something won a big game one eighty play up contest wanted to book or whatever where were you when is the question it toward commands deal with all the time where were you when you heard is usually more bad than good every once awhile can be an offseason moreover big free agent the acquisition I signed a guy pointed deal pulled the trigger on a big trade the kind of put you over the top so it's not all bad but often times it is where Andrew luck decides to retire from the National Football League again I do matter shifter credit he's the first one I thought I had it on Twitter now it is being reported all over the place there will be a press conference tomorrow that will make it official I guess is one way to describe it certainly will in a couple more blanks is something I want to be able to hear we did our cold preview a couple we took called one of the first one we did because they played a very early pre season game so we got to call to up and our pre season are free view for the pre season I specifically noted that Andrew Locke had more control more say more sway injury diagnosing his own injury and how to handle an advance and move forward in rehab his injury than any player you ever see he is the way he was I should say now the face of the franchise in the guy who is going to get the calls to issue ball it was gonna be app and it was going to be on the back of the head to lock and we know we missed an entire season body shell is getting better Danny had his leg injury that doesn't usually keep you out as long as he has been out and played at all I hadn't truly practice with the team all pre season and the colts were allowing Andrew lock in consultation with their doctors they gave him everything that he wanted and needed and allowed him to get whatever kind of treatment you wanted but they let him dictate at all let him call lonely shot other than in addition to the fact that he is by far the most important player eight day he had to have a read on him as an individual and thought to themselves Hey this is the kind of guy we need to handle with kid gloves date we can't just dictate to him we got a let him do some deciding as to how this is going to be handled well he made a I think pretty outrageous decision here I don't know maybe we'll find out that his injury was something that was much more dramatic they will being led to believe that he was truly questioning him itself with his ability to play it's just it hadn't been portrayed that from the information we died people around him now what now because I was talking to my producer and he said I all we hear is dirty toward so much better and he's more than a right to write a will that was by everybody but Andrew lock Andrew luck wasn't saying those things the coaching staff and those around teammates and people cover to team with their opinions they were going there but Andrew luck never came out and said yes advancing yes I'm getting better yes move along yes I'm gonna be ready no he had reserved comments he had been playing down his return to the colts well we find out tonight at least as of this report that Adam Schefter put out fifteen minutes ago Andrew luck is as of right now we're planning on retiring from the Indianapolis Colts a major blow certainly to the calls the AMC in general I guess if you are a patriot fan a key fan fan of any of the other three teams in that division yeah your life just got a little bit easier and I'll apologize in advance to get go we burset because yeah I just don't think he's Andrew luck sorry I don't think the colts have near the chance to win that debate Jim that they did twenty minutes ago before Andrew luck retired sorry about that to Kobe but that's my evaluation of the quarterback situation but a cults well this situation is now dire straits because Andrew locked had retired you want to comment on to get on my phones I got six minutes left eight five five two one two four two two seven John from Arizona Zoppi you doesn't want to talk about and lucky's might portray somebody hello John hi I'm out in the backyard up to forty foot pine tree get no water on it it's hot out here it's clogged up and I'm such donned Jersey band that he's retiring but that's gonna be medical reasons that's got to be no there's no I don't do you have a question that it's medically related I don't think he's just at age twenty nine going yeah I know I wanna go backpacking Europe but no this is this is certainly have to be health related yeah I I am in agreement odd where it will talk about old guys and I did call to talk about horse racing sorry Indianapolis fan but we don't know they don't call I talked to them yeah the cardinals could reschedule older than and put you guys out here in Arizona we can get a designated went boy Mike Smith definitely is one of the best jockeys right now in North America he took midnight B. zero who doesn't do well at that distance in the personal lands and Porter Porter dead last broader down the backstretch at the top of the wine came six or seven wide and one by an hours and I mean I know ours there was terrific that's all I've got air and relax just taken off yeah eight dash Dr I hope you had a couple winners today where we were out playing sounds like you were on the mikes mentors you know earlier this year a couple weeks ago want to open a couple months goes back in June I II chastised Mike Smith because I thought he gave McKenzie a terrible ride in the metropolitan mile and I thought he was going to win a dot mackenzie was much a bass that was heavily invested in the race I had horses before and after that came in and I thought he just terribly judge the race and gave McKenzie a god awful ride he came back and won his subsequent and racial mackenzie who I think is the best horse in training right now I would call a favorite for the breeders Cup classic my commits arguably the best writer in the country Robert best writer in the world if you believe that we've got the best better than anywhere else I didn't change my opinion because he blew that one race I just don't think it's highly of Mike Smith did I ever did I just really ticked off that's the the lament of war tracing batters in weight jurors in fans any given day your favorites can let you down and you get really annoyed at them but you don't change your opinion about how good they are because of one race like a major league baseball team has a bad game do you give up on him you got a hundred sixty one left to go no you don't do you stick with it did you look at it in the long haul and I still believe Mike Smith is one of the all time best jockeys I we got a couple of minutes left here I got to get in a mac Daddy we did today come from a frequent Twitter to yours truly but not to the CBS sports radio account and so one account to my account and Jodi Mack man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. but I know who are my I. national tweeters my New York tweeters and Mike Philadelphia tweeters mocks sixty four spelled M. A. U. C. H. which would of course be Jean Marc and in nineteen sixty four the Phillies choked up dependent on the last week of the season pretty darn badly so I know there's one of my Phillies guys he tweets we all the time but he doesn't usually tweet during the time that Amir on CBS sports radio what we did today he says Johnny mac in the sucker born every minute category I'm on a seven old three north east corner train that's a train I take up and down and dirty to get here to New York so he's comin up button they train and I'm going back time in about an hour from now it was full of cat fans going to a pre season game Goodell as nothing to worry about that these games even if you're forced to buy the tickets good luck yeah I couldn't agree more marks sixty four probably heard what I said the only way that you're going to get it changed to preseason football is if there is.

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