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When you first started? I think I wish I would've known how quickly things move. And how things should things as far as like projects almost to like making me here today and gone. Mar it very. It's such an interesting thing on. It's such an interesting on career choice because you are investing yourself. So like my creatively panel. emotionally a little bit and mentally straining physically. You can be very tired. So you're putting all his energy and then into a thing that's not even necessarily always research so project can still fall through. Budget can be like. Oh we're not going to do this or they can be like. Oh we're GONNA hold it's for later or will. We don't have the resources to do that right now. We're GONNA go hand table it. There's just so many factors that go into everything and way more factors and I think that people realize every time you see a really good commercial on TV. Now I actually like applauded and I I respected because there are just so many factors that played into having great work. Get out there. So it's just kinda part but that's something I really respect. How do you make time for joy? I may time for joy by. I think keeping to the things that I still WANNA do. Regardless I've learned that this job can be very stressful. There can be a lot of projected stress. It can be very like Russia's restlessness this but I think what gives me joy at the end of the day and then I go home and sleep is my relationships with people friendships with people and knowing how much does matter to me and so we'll bring me. Joy think is doing whatever I can to maintain a and to kind of commit myself or be commended to still honoring the things that I still love to do inside and actively making time for those things so it can be kind of tough. We feel like you're super swamped. Have a lot of things going on and a lot of projects but I think it's possible just like a little cranny. A lot of things are possible. Just like okay. We'll let me move around so I can kind of absence face and also to what I've been realizing lately she's sometimes solitude and sometimes also like just kind of taking a step back and just kind of finding joy and peace in awesome replenishing yourself. I think a.

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