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Take all a new book from unin geared to dos that investigates what he calls the global elites dubious quest to change the world available wherever books are sold. This is WNYC ninety three point nine FM and AM twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. You're listening to WNYC. I'm Alison Stewart. This is all of it. And of course, we have continuing coverage of the events of today. The breaking news of suspicious packages being found at the homes of political leaders as well as at CNN headquarters, I'm joined in studio by WNYC program director, Jacqueline Cincotta. We are in the middle of our fall fund raiser, and it's on days like today that you realize how valuable the WNYC newsroom really is. This is the case. So there's a different tone today. Right where? Yup, we're here. Asking for your dollars were here asking for your support. But we know there is a really important. Breaking news story going on the WNYC newsroom is literally more buzzing than ever. And we've got reporters on the scene. We're going to continue to bring you updates as they happen. Of course, any breaking news as it happens while he brought you regardless of what programming is on or what we're doing. That's what you can rely on from this radio station from your public radio station. Nothing gets in the way of reporting the news and our message at the moment right now as we are in the second to last day of our fall fund raiser. We thank you. If you've contributed and supported this effort supported the kind of reporting you get here if you haven't..

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