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Into this one a lot of that all it takes is a kick one field goal sixty yarder at to win for your team all the sun is his girls on the team if you go into doesn't matter if your team wins who's gonna kick the field goal she can do it why not right yeah but they don't want to get this going to cause a lot of controversy because the just thinking about it it's always you know it there's always controversy when somebody breaks the glass ceiling or or or does something as seven so who's the team assigned her leaving signs well he somebody is that a good field goal kicker which is just about every team the jets really need one do they yeah twenty one bad so the maybe the jets no she was at the eagle's of a practice yeah I don't know I think the eagles have kickers that's right they're pretty reliable yeah I don't know if he makes it in Philly because with the whole not sure she could do it in New York you those are tough cities yeah before you feeling any of us feel is worse is worse I mean you know it she'll make it if she if she hits every field goal she ever kicks much she misses one the one that you can she can hear Nate words and names he never heard our life yeah fans of Philly is very very tough the other tougher than New York but I think it's pretty interesting we'll see what happens if it's gonna even happen so I got a story here couple friends they got when it together in Canada they play the lottery they have been friends for more than fifty years and they always play the Larry Geller here's their story so I guess both of their husbands passed away so they figured they were best friends both of our husbands are gone well we just moved in together will you know keep each other company were best friends what the hell they moved in the roommates and they hit the lottery for two million dollars and I'm not arguing over the money yeah it's two millionth even splices even one for you one for me right so the question is are they still room together with the go buy a nice house and go live you know you would think that if they if they want to keep the room together they buy a nice mansion that way when they're tired of each other you can live on this weighing in on this there's a sitcom Fauria yeah this is the concert away so they went on to get together they greet the split if they want normally these these stories don't turn out like this two and a half million a but the same people who brought you Charlie she live though that the other guy that other guy the guy's name I don't know the other guy exactly would you call it run two.

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