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Orleans mayor latoya Cantrell's administration says it hired former U. S. attorney can police law firm to look into corruption in the department of safety and permits be for the hard rock hotel construction site collapsed but a public records request by our partners at WWL TV finds something different WWL TV investigative reporter David hammer told our new all Norman that nothing was official between the city and police law firm until November the first actual written documentation is November first which would have been about three weeks after the collapse and the letter specifically mentions the hard rock despite the mayor's office saying the firm was hired to look into safety in permits the city says they were in talks with police firm about safety and permits before the October twelfth collapse Chris Miller W. W. well first news thirty five cars were broken into early this morning on the university of New Orleans campus you and police responding to the scene found a number of assailants were engaged in smash and grab thefts the suspects fled the scene upon arrival you in PD and New Orleans police department are working together to get to the bottom of the thefts no estimate on the amount of damage to vehicles or loss of items is known at this time authorities are asking anyone with information about the facts to call in PD or crime stoppers well let's get the latest on the aftermath of the impeachment trial from CBS news CBS news special report president trump unplugged after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial we were treated unbelievably unfairly and you have to understand we first went through Russia Russia Russia it was all balls in the gathering the White House east room the president railed against the evil corrupt and dirty cops that he said came after him university of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato it's impossible to be shocked anymore by Donald Trump and yet it's hard not to be shocked by that very vindictive angry vicious beach it's one for the ages and not in a good way house speaker Nancy Pelosi one of the subjects of Mr trump's higher said history will record that he was impeached next year we will have a new president of the United States that is an absolute imperative CBS news special report on Pam Coulter federal financial officials today called on New Orleans to expand fiber optic networks in public wifi as part of internet affordability programs and workforce development experts told the council that a lack of digital access holds poor communities down the digital divide is a structural barrier and as much as we can at the federal reserve were charged with identifying structural barriers to upward mobility Jordana Barton with the Federal Reserve Bank explained that local governments have a responsibility to make sure everyone's connected so they don't get left behind in a nation where the top ten percent of households now own fifty seven percent of all wealth ten percent of houses with the highest income whole more of the national wealth and the remaining ninety percent of households combined Dave co in WW well first news the governor is warning local government officials of the headaches that can be created not being ready to withstand a cyber attack governor John bel Edwards says recent cyber attacks across the state are likely to happen again in other areas you may not have been hit yet in your town or in your city but it's a question of when not.

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