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Highs in the low to mid eighties I'm Susie's Elise with Mike Rogers Scott Sam's house the morning off thanks for joining us this morning in our top story Dallas police say they have a juvenile in custody for the murder of a north Dallas marketing executive who was gunned down in broad daylight on Memorial Day fifty nine year old Leslie Baker was found shot to death inside a car parked in our driveway driveway in the neighborhood near Preston hollow the juvenile arrested it has been charged with capital murder and remains at the Dallas County juvenile detention center this morning it's unclear if more arrests are expected the investigation continues and police are asking anyone with information to come forward this is a developing story so stay with Carol the for all the latest information Dallas city council is moving ahead with a property tax increase but it's a smaller increase than the one recommended by the city manager T. C. Broadnax he'd proposed an eight percent increase in council instead voted twelve to three forty three and a half percent increase the mayor Eric Johnson says he knows of Broadnax is trying to prevent more furloughs but a spike in property taxes that would hit homeowners who may have lost their job I really do get the wanting to have the flexibility in our budget process I get that but I will say that I was not thrilled to see this resolution on the agenda three council members who voted in favor of the larger increasing represents southern Dallas they say budget cuts would hit their districts the hardest the council will finalize a property tax rate when they start working on next year's budget in August the owners of a steak house in Frisco says the corona virus it shut down violates the Texas constitution so they're suing forty people had to be furloughed from EEG stake during the shutdown of the owner say re opening is like starting from scratch now they want to million dollars in damages from the state their attorney James Mosser tells NBC five state law requires the state to pay.

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