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Does not have dad by. No, not at all. And Stanley does not dad no grant Kenny Kramer. Pay someone to work out for them. Timing hawk. I don't know. That's a pretty good, dad. Yeah. Feathers all triangle, shape tip ask them to take it off. I. Just take it all. See what goes unfortunate. Sorry, anyway, the point is that they were all there and Marian. Hosa deposited a baseball in the Cup. Oh, now, I just wanted to stop and think about other things that might have been in that Cup that summer twenty ten that doesn't help only that was in the Cup nets. No, no Jerry accompanied by another. Here we go. Here's Patrick Kane at that moment, remember after we won brought on on the field Wrigley. And sure enough, they're planning that day. Pretty cool pictures. I've been apart revolting pitching mound with the staring up there. Off. Always on. That was a really awesome. All three was so United. Switzerland that day guys, let's get along today. We got the most beautiful trophy in sports right right here. And there were to limit route to perfectly. Say quite a moment. We're having here continue. I Kim, what's coming up in the air and the news, more mosquitoes and another in the northern suburbs. Testing positive for West Nile and Lawrence. Traffic brought to you by the department of transportation aid. Inspire is closed on the eastbound side because of an accident at the Edens expressway, and an accident on I fifty five south is blocking the left lane at veterans Parkway for personalized traffic on demand, get the Traffix Chicago app, approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search. T. R. A. F F. I X Chicago, I'm Lauren lock live from John barley corn reminding you to drive responsibly..

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