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The Nets of the 2021 champions. We can start working on the off season figuring out where Koichi's going all that I think I told you that when they signed James Harden, did I not. I You say a lot of stuff. I'm not going to say that You didn't say that, right? But I'm also pretty sure you guarantee the Lakers would win the title. The Clippers. I think you picked the honest I think you picked the heat. When you pick all 30 teams. You're bound to get one, right. So exactly by the way of if I'm running Fox Sports radio And who knows someday, I probably Well, sure. Yeah, I kind of run it now, anyway. Um, anybody who picked the Lakers to win the championship? Um I'm gonna have to fire. I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to let them go. You know? Who did you pick? Miss them? But what can I say? Who did you pick? Oh, I pick Brooklyn. Oh, my goodness. You're like a young Jack Ramsey. Well, that's that's why I'm employed here because I You know my expertise. I'm not just another pretty face. You know that, don't you? Then how come I beat you so bad in the March madness pool? You know, you barely be destroyed you they'll be talking about it was worse than Baylor. Gonzaga R R two r two brackets. I was like in the top five. That's that's a bad law. Those are the top four losers except for me. Wow. You want to get into the show, Aaron underscore Torres. I've been stick a genius one coming up in about 15 minutes from now. Eric Pincus stops on by Everything on everything about basketball. We'll talk about the Lakers and obviously what a disappointment. They were. What a massive disappointment. But, you know, let's just start with the game tonight with Brooklyn getting the victory James Harden goes out. I'm saying to myself. Oh, here goes Harden. There could be some problems. What a golden opportunity Milwaukee not only Blows a chance to steal a game. They look like dog do out there. It's It's unbelievable how they just left Brooklyn Pull away broken gets the victory. They go a point game to nothing. I want to correct you. They didn't look like dog. Do they look like the 2020 Milwaukee Bucks. Wow. And the 2019 Milwaukee Bucks. I have been sold so as people I got all these metaphors in my head. I take one week off and I got all these metaphors. This is worse than Jack's beanstalk beans. Okay, stop telling me this team is a contender. Oh, they got Drew holiday True holiday. The other team has Katie Kyrie and James Harden. I'm so tired of people trying to sell me the bucks as a legitimate contender, Okay? Janice is fine. He's probably one of the top 10 to 12 to 15 players in the league. Wow. Why are you gonna make of that? What? I've top 50%. Why don't we just say what's wrong with you? He is. He's fine, but you know, it's funny Producer Beau and I were talking about this before the show. So we get sold that these guys every guys? Oh, my God. Well, Devin Booker. He's a superstar. He's arrived. Everything we get sold. All of these guys are superstars. We need to stop calling Janet's superstar, and here's why. Because this was the night This was the moment you brought it up. James Harden 43 seconds into that game, pulls his hamstring or injured his hamstring and I don't know if it's officially a pole and he has to leave the game. My prediction is he won't be back the rest of the series. Why would they are going to sweep They beat a fights like that. Exactly what I was gonna say. Forget the eight point margin for people who are driving around final scores. 1 15 1 Oh, seven. It was a 20 point game with three minutes to go before they pulled all the starters. And so if you're a superstar You put the team on your back when the other team when there's blood in the water, and you have a chance. If you're a superstar, that's what you do, and I just don't see this really quick and I'll throw it back to you. We've talked about a bunch of different guys this week as an example. Damian Lillard, okay? Is he done in Portland? We'll probably talk about that at some point throughout the show. The reason I bring it up. When the Blazers go down. It's never because Damian Lillard didn't leave it all on the court, or you feel like he could have done more. Johannes everything. He's just He's just a fine player. He was 16 to 24. Was there something you want him to do? A little bit more 11 rebounds? Yes, I want Okay. What happened last? What happened last night? 34 points. What happened last night? What happened last night? It was a close out game and I know close out versus game. What is different, so I put the team on his back. He scored 45 points and took on the the task of defending the other team's best player. I'm just saying, if you're a superstar, and I have been told for three years this guy is a superstar. Two time m v p two time m v p. If you're a superstar, put the team on your back Win Game one on the road. It completely changes the series instead. You know what? That Don't care drive to the basket every time he attempted as I'm looking at this three foul shots, Okay, I'm just saying it's fine. He's he's one of the 15 best basketball players on the planet. Congratulations. That's incredible. He's going to make more money. He probably made more money tonight than I will in my lifetime. But he is not a superstar and stop telling me he is, you know, I hate to use go against your argument using facts, But Michael Jordan went like eight years in a row. Um, six of them not even get together the first round. So, you know, pump the brakes a little bit because the the guy hasn't won a championship. I kind of agree with you on a lot of the other stuff. He's like the top 10 or Or 12 player. Um, I was watching his two free throws. My goodness, man, I feel like it's a shock in waiting when it comes to the foul line. But what more do you want from the guy 16 to 20 for the rest of the team has to look at themselves and said, What's wrong with us? Golden opportunity to go ahead and take this one. Harden goes out, and we really don't go ahead and make it much of a game of in the second half. Matter of fact, they once it got the double digits. I don't think they closed it within single digits until the very, very end, you know? Yeah..

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