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WJR as Paul W Smith guy, Gordon coming up right after this newscast to open things up for us now outside of the doors of Cobo center, there are hundreds of people protesting the plight of the American auto worker. WJR's Ken Rogulski is there. Kratz socialists are now in front of Cobo center just a few moments ago, the UAW held its own rally. Franks Toobin is the director of region one Frank what was your protest about? What was your demonstration about is a support for members in Warren power trading detroit-hamtramck, plants still they're going to close both Paul town and more and as far as you hear? Yes, they are. Yeah. But we're fighting to keep them open. So what is the solidarity protests here? It's a solidarity protests where we're behind him one hundred percent now to read your one, and we're gonna fight to keep them open. So it's still not a dead issue in your in your mind. And my mind is not a dead issue at all. Now, you got a rally here at Hart plaza. You went to front of the Kobo, and all of a sudden, you return to way, why was a candlelight vigil we candle lights we went our plan was to go down Cobo hall, make our parents in comeback. And then you're done. All right. We'll have a great day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There you have it. Marie one protest done. Another one's on the way. We'll keep you covered throughout the day lie on Jefferson avenue, Ken Rogulski, WJR news report from the website, BuzzFeed news, the sending shockwaves through Washington it suggests President Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has told special counsel investigators the president directed him to lie to a congressional committee about the efforts to build a tower in Moscow, new broader statement from the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and he suggested from any source that the president council. Michael Cohen is categorically false. Michael Cohen is a convicted criminal and liar. Giuliani concludes the accusation as reported by BuzzFeed, there's just more made up lies born of Michael choas malice and desperation in an effort to reduce the sentence. Bob Constantini, reporting with the partial government shutdown in day, twenty eight members of congress both sides of the I'll say their frustrations are growing Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kensington says enough is enough both. Besides my side. And the other side are stuck in these positions that they're unwilling to come off of to get to a compromise solution. Compromise is not a dirty word the whole country was founded on a compromise. Maryland democratic Senator Ben Cardin, says here's a compromise. Government needs to be opened the president needs to allow government to be open and let us then negotiate as we should on border security issues. Both the house and the Senate have cancelled next week's planned recess period to stay in Washington and try and find a way to end the partial government shutdown. Linda Kenyon, Washington. Influential Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley is among eight newsroom staffers, who volunteer to take a buyout as part of a.

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