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About all that it may be like. Look Man This. This is to use the game. This is my life like I'm not putting. I'm not putting that this motherfuckers hands. Because he he's you know and you know. I later on went and found out that they do and win. Signed up all the white rappers just to hide them. Wow Wow and that's how you stayed off. Death row played. Well played men. So you're obviously you've touched on it a couple times being a dead a family man. How how do your kids perceive your music like? How do you as a rapper with kids? I often feel like my kids. Think my Shit is the most archaic shit ever but with some measure of success. Obviously you're like these albums. Put this food on your table. How do they feel about your music? I mean I have one kid who is older. He's he's in his. He's in his mid to late twenties now so his experience with it is definitely different than what the younger ones are. And also the younger ones you know. The the other ages are two six and ten and so their relationship to it is still pretty fairytale. You know what I mean. It's like Oh dads on tour. Dads on Youtube. Oh Dad you know they would come to sound said they'd come to the festival every year Etcetera Etcetera Now for the older one. He's old enough now where it wouldn't even be fair for me to try to speak on his behalf But I can imagine that at this stage you know maybe rap was the thing that was that kept us from having the type of relationship that maybe a kid wanted wants to have with their father. You know what I'm saying it's like I you know I don't want to speak on his behalf. I don't want to overstep my boundaries here but like I can imagine that it's not all Fuckin- good even it may in him it is all good but I can imagine there's something there you know what I mean. There's something I mean even for me. There's something samedi really what I'm doing is I'm projecting my own insecurities and that is. I know that daddy was running around trying to build a career. There was a guy at home wishing his dad was there with your same now. He's younger ones. It's the same thing I'm still running around trying to build a career and that's what it feels like. I don't think it'll ever stop doing that way. You know what I mean. But but with that said Go. They're still young enough that it's in a fairytale side of it. Yeah you know like I'm still a superhero to those guys and so this wrapping is my superpower. You know what I mean like and from what they see you know they see me get on stage and and and and wrap in front of ten thousand people into them. I mean what's bigger than that? I I could try to explain. That little Wayne gets twice that many right. You know what I'm saying like I could try to explain. Tyler gets three times that many you know what I mean like but to them. What's the difference between you know? Five thousand people in thirty thousand people. You know what I mean. It's it's one of those things where it's like to them. It's just like Holy Shit. That's my dad is doing. You know what you're coming through the school you Danny got no bars. Your Dad sells insurance ultimate ultimate playground playground flicks. So I don't want to spoil any other surprise drops you have coming up or not drops What's what's next. What's what's the next thing that that people should be on the lookout for Anthony? Working on a project right now that I don't know how to describe it. You know it's it's definitely it's definitely different from the last one At least I think it. Is You know what I'm saying and I'm not really sure. Even what what the vehicle is going to be? That delivers this one. Like I have a feeling it's going to see Trier announcement and there'll be a setup for it. You know just because I'm kind of hoping we can create a visual aesthetic. That goes along with the whole. Try to you know so with that. Would that said I'd probably gotTa make sure that like you know all all the ducks are lined A. But but that's what I'm hoping for. But you know you just the thing I've learned is you never know what's going to happen like no you. Just gotTa you gotTa Roll with the Punches in salt. Well I'm I'm hoping for. I'm hoping I'm hoping to create a project that will see the light of day within the next eighteen months but in the mean in the meantime in between keep writing songs we still have twenty shows to do I've only done one tour for this project. So people can anticipate that I'm GonNa hit the road again And you know. I've been trying to make music with my friends Just because I went and had all these kids and I feel like I kind of disconnected from a lot of my friends. You know what I mean like. 'cause I've I've either been on the road or I've been at the soccer game you know and so I'm I'm I'm I've been slowly trying to get back into making music with people in person when possible and it's been a lot of fun. I don't know we'll come of it but it's GonNa fun that's dope. That's that's great to hear man. We really appreciate you coming on the program in rapid with us about a variety of subjects. And Yeah we're just really appreciate it man thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to take time. Thanks again for reaching out. Originally that was very validating. And I I live off that Shit. I appreciate a man appreciate. It's great to see your success and you know we're longtime fans man. Thank you all right piece load. Just have a good one piece.

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