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Were having trouble getting the second dose of the cove in 19 vaccine, Katie ours. Griselda is Latino joins us live with their story. Yeah. Peter Heather and her husband both teaching person and got the first dose mid January. Right to schedule the second one. It came up for both of us that the vaccination appointments were full through the month of February, she tells them like broom had show There's nothing available for martyr for their She's not worried they won't get the second dose in time to get the full protective benefits of the vaccine. Meanwhile, America but county spokeswoman tells Katya er more appointments and vaccination sites will be opening as more vaccine arrives. Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No, Katie A Our news. Yes, you can get sick from covert 19 twice at least 90 days apart, and the second time could be worse. Arizona Health Services director Camera. Crist also says when it's your turn, get your vaccine for the coronavirus. We don't know necessarily. If you could still get it and be asymptomatic even after the vaccine, but transmitted to others, and until we achieve herd immunity, we will need to continue to wear masks. All 50 states are pushing the feds for more supply. Eyes. Dr. Crist hopes the FDA will give emergency use authorization to Johnson and Johnson's vaccine a month from now. That one doesn't require two doses are D C insider believes governor do see when he says he won't run against Senator Mark Kelly and 2022, ABC News political analyst outs, Castano's tells Arizona's Morning news. Ducey will find something else to do as long as he can get over the political bridge that recently collapsed in front of them. It's a tough situation for him. What do you do? You do nothing for a while. Do a good job is governor trying to unite your party? Make sure you bring your trump voters back into the fold. You see second and final term expires at the end of next year. The state GOP just centered the governor for imposing restrictions on business and people during the pandemic, and the pandemic continues to impact. Arizona families so much so the demographics At ST Mary's Food Bank in surprise serves has changed, even tells Katie are why she's looking there for help because I have grand kids and kids that live with me and he's lost his job and there's not enough. I don't make enough money. I'm retired, and I work part time and I don't make enough money to pay everything. Since the pandemic hit, ST Mary's Food bank has been distributing on average £10 million of food per month. It's never happened in the history of the food bank. Let's check on your traffic. Here's Larry Lewis live from the Valley Chevy dealers, Traffic Center. Well,.

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