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Talked with WW. Jay's Beth Fisher about the report from real comp. We started to see the market cool off towards the end of the year last year in the first quarter is off to a strong start in terms of pending sale. The close sales are a little flat just an increase of year over year. First quarter verse first quarter of just under a percent. But we are seeing more homecoming on the market year today, so far new liftings up almost three percent. So that's promising for buyers out there. And so how were the numbers for March? And I guess we're looking at metro Detroit to start March numbers relatively unchanged. In fact, I think that's the first time I've ever looked at an MLS report where it says change zero point zero percent, we had sixty three hundred ninety seven home sales in March of eighteen sixty three. Eight hundred ninety six March of nineteen. So that's about as unchanged as it can get we still soft light increase in medium fails. Prices home values March first March up three point six percent, which is good news. However this time last year when we were reporting March of of teen verse March seventeen we were looking at it increases of more like seven eight nine percent. So we are seeing the flow down in the increasing home values, and we feel like over infanta lack county and Saint Clair county sales dropped and Santa latte county. You know, twenty five percent. Saint Clair county. Nineteen percent down reason why it's slowing down more there. Yeah. That's a great question. So a lot of what happens is timing year is very weather related in those particular counties the sales increase or decrease based on what's happening quite a bit on the weather being that they are more more towards the thumb or or water water type community. So. March weather was was a bit unstable as we saw and that plays into two home sales. But clearly in in the month of March in those counties, and I know homes you've had a problem like last year with enough homes being on the market. Is that still a problem? Yeah. We're seeing year-over-year March versus March favorable inventory down about ten to twelve percent in the major counties metro Detroit. Now that is a promising swing in in in change, though. Because last year this time when we were talking inventories were down twenty five to thirty percent year over year. So we're starting to see slight increase in inventory. Which is of course, a good thing for buyers expect things to pick up April. Yeah, we're we're painting a really strong April, especially because the weather was so unstable in the month of arch whenever we have an unstable marks. Like we had the month of April usu-. Really pretty strong because there's a lot of people who put plans on hold that end up taking advantage of of the market in the month of April. So we're anticipating a really strong April Keller Williams realtor. Jeff Glover with WW. Jay's Beth Fisher one fourteen is our time. We'll come back and check sports next. You wanted to see me? Yes. Please have seat. So here's the thing. When this company brought you on we took a chance on you. You didn't have that four year college degree we typically look for right? But we gave you a shot anyway. And since then you've worked incredibly hard and given it your all, thanks. You've been an important asset to the team. But I don't think you can be an intern here anymore. We wanna hire. You you serious absolutely fund your next great employee. Introduce yourself to the grads of life. Who are they talent worth knowing about young adults of unique determination and experience, an ideal fit for your.

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