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You know, getting that sort of rest getting that recuperation playing some then resting. It's only going to be better next year. So you've brought up a couple of times this idea of long-term this makes sense. My question is, does that what OBJ wants? Let's say the Patriots are pitching Beckham. Hey, listen. You get in here. The facility, you get to work with Mac, max the long-term answer again. Offering him stability, but we want you to be here in 2022. And if we bring you in, we want to bring you in for not just the rest of this year, but also next year, my question is, OBJ, does he want that? You know, is this a situation where he says, you know, Bill look, I want to walk into the facility. I want to have some chemistry with Mac. I want to do what I can do on that field and help you guys win, but I want to be a free agent at the end of this season. I want to reestablish my value and I want another bite of the apple and free agency. I wonder if that's what Beckham is thinking. Possible, but if on the Patriots, I'm actually open to that. I mean, at least I just personally I just want to sign up through the end of the year. If there's some sort of option, as long as the Patriots have a way out, I'm fine with that. But if on the Patriots, I'm not, they already made this mistake with Antonio Brown. You know, with guaranteed money and all that stuff and at least they got some of it back. But if I'm them, I'm like, look, just come into our program, help us out for the rest of the year. Let's feel each other out. And then we'll reassess in the off season. And you know, I don't think there's a circumstance on any team where Beckham really even say the Patriots lose out this time. I still think they can land them in the off season. I would like the trial period. But I don't think he's gonna go anywhere. By the time he gets up to speed with a team, there's gonna be like 5 or 6 games left in the season. How good is he really gonna do where it's gonna increase his value all that much? But if I'm the Patriots, I'm interested in, you know, one year only, then we'll see. I'm not using a franchise tag because I need to use it on JC Jackson after this season. But I'm going just let's just deal with the end of the season. Then we'll deal with next season when we get there. Yeah, before we jump to the Carolina game because we want to break down that one as well and what happened over the weekend on Sunday, again, I'm seeing some stuff about diva, you know, diva this, diva that, diva this, diva. And Greg, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of receivers in the NFL are divas. A lot of receivers want all receivers want the football. When receivers don't get the football receivers bitch, Greg has brought this up. You know, over the past several weeks, Nelson Aguilar has been bitching, like consistently. So, you know, if you're concerned that Beckham's gonna be this guy who's gonna be complaining and bothering Mac Jones, you know, Greg sees is a little bit of that from Nelson Aguilar already. So would you rather have would you rather have OBJ's talent and him maybe bitching every once in a while or a galore's pitching every once in a while and his talent, and I would say again, and we mentioned this for people jumping in right now to watch this live,.

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