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Tone on the auction was hold the process bitcoin had gone up said that we're able to get fifty million the fbi also fanta followed other contained all the process employee a on days that he kept his pot if he's security measures one of those days belong to roger thomas clock a fifty four euro canadian men the fbi homeland security in the day the lay rojas thomas clock is variety terms they tracked him down hiding out in a hotel room in toilet he was arrested and is still being held in thailand awaiting extradition to the united states where he is expected to face troll for narcotics trafficking and money laundering in total more than one hundred people were arrested in forty three different countries who day the bhutto sold from silk road or worked fissile correct could a screen who russ paid nope to kill was facing up to forty years in prison however the judge took into account that could as was tortured and had amid a fake but government officials so we gave him a sentence of tom served could us now so silk road hats tshirts and is ruining a memoir or he's taunt as a silk road you play as venkov force the baltimore day aging who posed as note on silk road he was given an award for his work on the case colleague and good about going in the same direction as curtis and contacted book publishes and studios in hollywood he wanted to sell the story of the day agent who helped bring down silk road but it wasn't long before things started falling apart for call the fbi and to the irs had been tracing the coins that had entered and left so crowd they found that some bitcoin's went straight into an account but call force they started an undercover investigation on him and they begin funding other things they found especially incriminating messages to.

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