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Debating other than we the people should have the opportunity. To see our senators are Senator debated out with the other person who's on the ballot. So I think this is an important time for somebody like Senator Feinstein to maintain. I'm curious to hear your argument against me, by the way, why it should be Kevin daily on why you're gonna vote for Kevin de Leon. And because this ties into another big picture. The numbers continue to show. The Democrats are out fundraising the Republicans in all the key contested races. It looks like the Democrats have a very high percentage. Chance of retaking the house in a couple of weeks here in the midterm elections. In won't be the Republicans. That means the speaker of the house it looks like right now. Might be. Our own congresswoman Nancy Pelosi again. No, I'm just I'm not feeling like that leads to a strong twenty twenty. She is the master of fundraisers. No question about it. Strong leader. But should all leaders be? I mean, I just there's no other kind way of saying of an older generation and mostly white. That's what we're looking at especially in the house on the Democrats is supposed to be such a diverse party. Somebody to take your calls on that an kashogi anything else. You wanted to talk about four one five.

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