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Spring Hill Florida Gabby great to have you with us hello on open line Friday your honor and a privilege to speak with you thank you very much I wanted to touch base on the great at what's her name Sandberg Sandberg sunburned sunburn sunbird like it under but Burg Thunberg number four okay so you're all generations under electricity on number a fourteen year old daughter who is autistic and on and Arafat orders on within you know spectrum so and I'd like to mention by the way she absolutely warms your books she borrowed them from her friends all the time thank you and in fact she said that she wished she could call you and talk to you and tell you thank you for writing them only she's in school right now that's too bad I'd like to hear the thoughts that she had I agree you know what you know winter break is coming so what what trump had twenty about this girl you know something she's got anger issues you know she she might need to have anger management and she should go to the movies with some friends as the mother of the child on the spectrum I'm not offended by that my daughter who is emotionally sensitive what be hurt or offended by that only by the way to answer your previous caller Kate question about where this girl came from she hopped on the sailboat and came over here so she didn't leave a single carbon footprint in the log well but that's not one that's not what she meant and and of course your you have your provided me an excellent transition point here Gabby what Cape meant here's a sixteen year old and out of no where she's harassed into the world political environment as one of the four most advocates and activists for climate change how did this happen is the question not where did she come from she comes in Sweden but how in the world as a sixteen year old elevate to a position of worldwide prominence in the answer is she was put there she was rushed into this position by people who are using her the World Wide laughed is using her by design it is a study in the strategic usage because of her autism she is disabled the left specializes in finding disabled people to be calm prominent political spokesman and advocates precisely because most people think that it is impolite an me to be critical it's implied in men to be critical of the sixteen year old period now you add autism are ants burgers and it's really double me so the left uses this young girl they feel rushed her up on the stage which she loves being on but we don't misunderstand she's happy to be yours and she probably believes that she hit the stage on the basis of merit they're happy to put her out there because they think wearing armor nobody can criticize her and if anybody does they are going to get hit they're gonna get destroyed the World Wide media is gonna lay out anybody who dares criticize the sixteen year old kid that's the strategy here they've done it countless times and it works with most people most people just decide all right I'm not gonna say anything I don't wanna get criticized I don't want to be thought of as a hate monger I don't want to be thought of as a whatever they just so most people showed up at the left knows this and these people then have a free unobstructed road to propagandize themselves to indoctrinate and to advance whatever Butrint leftist because they have been chosen to represent in this case climate change well my theory is the left put her there she happily accepted the job she is a political figure she's not a sixteen year old girl with with with autism she is a political figure who has been thrust as evidenced by being named person of the year she been thrust to a leadership role she has a purpose she has an objective she has been given a job our job is to spread the word on climate change her job is to try to convince as many people as you can we are destroying the planet then we're gonna dye in twenty years and if we don't do something and what is the something the United States has to be cut down in size she is being used by a ball of global asked leftist activists who.

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