Patriots, Eagles, Mouth Breathing discussed on Monday Morning Podcast


Everybody i don't know you know every time the patriots go everywhere else the fucking patriots are going to win and they give no fucking i mean the sports media does and the the average mouth breathing morlan gives gives no respect to the other fucking team is if dated walk through a whole flocking wall of fire to get where they held era i'll tell you what scares me the most about the the eagles other than their defense is their running game that's what scares me and i am deathly afraid of that in the second half it they sort of established it and they start she went up the clock and start wearing down our front four darren scrolls has like fucking video games speed i mean he is literally like a game changer level back and then the gut legarrette blunt which you know you don't need to tell a patriots fan about how fucking clutch that guy is and nick falls is not a is not a backup quarterback he's of starting quarterback that lost his job and then stepped back in it made it look like why the fuck did you ever put me on the bench i think it's going to be a a really really close game and you know it's funny people just like do what is it like you know you teams in an almost every year it must be like fucking no big deal to you it's always a big deal and anybody who's team has been in the super bowl you die a thousand fucking deaths even if your team wins if your team loses you just have to fucking.

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