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Tiny little phase called mortality. We're trying to infer that because in this tiny little phase. We're not talking about her. she doesn't exist. We've gotta stretch our perspective a little bit in and see it for what it really is. Yeah so let's take it in the context of church like as a as a bishop whereas someone who's running awarded relief site. He president like they. They're inspired by the quotes in. You know there's this feeling of you know making mother heavens presence or existence. More obvious in a sunday church experience or even writing a manuscript. It's like where do i do. I do the so what advice would you give to a leader. Who's like you know. This is great. Love these quotes. I want to make more of an emphasis on heavily. Mother in church but again. Where do you draw the line nor should there even be. A line is necessary to draw. President nelson talks a lot about this defining time that we're in that we need to develop the ability to receive personal revelation. We need better at that. I think the line we have to be very careful in trying to draw where that line is because it may be different for each one of us. There may be in private conversations where i can go a little further with someone and help something that they're struggling with as it relates to this doctrine whereas in a general setting i may be a little more reserved. There may be things that i hold back because maybe somebody isn't ready for it step number one it. This has to burn in our own soul. I we have to have that inside of us. And so i would recommend step number one. You've gotta get it inside yourself. I go spend some time with it. Look at the quotes again. We're not hiding it. Is you just have to spend some time looking for it..

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