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Is Alex Schmidt and had a podcasting here at cracks. I'm also known as Schmidt e the clam also known as Schmidt e the champ and I am also also thinking back to a show. I used to make a video show because because here is the topic of today's episode it is great movie and TV moments made possible by running out of money one more time that is great movie and TV moments made possible by running out of money. One of the ways being alive is more interesting than people think it is is that basically every movie and TV show and franchise on pop culture thing you love probably benefited from not having a big enough budget. We have an enormous range of the biggest movies and T._v.. Shows ever to talk about today and yet as I was thinking about these things something about the process that these creators went through belt familiar and I was like that doesn't make sense because I didn't make star wars personally a why is that and that's because I thought of a show I used to do after the crack dot com YouTube channel named New Guy Weekly. It was a while back a hear about it from people occasionally so I figure it's worth bringing up and that was an amazing experience for me that <hes> in particular benefited creatively from budget limitations -tations a little bit about my past <hes> before I started working at crack I was living in New York and I was doing some things remotely for the site and they said hey you should move out here in particular to make videos we explicitly want you to be making videos and so I said great I would love to be doing that. I'm doing that here already. Then on arrival we were looking at some things that that there would be a budget behind but also thinking hey what can be done around the office very very cheaply. I quickly settled on the medium of filming myself on my phone. I was like that can be an entire thing that can be an entire show. It doesn't cost anything. The thing is that is very limiting and the limitation was great because I said hey what kind of person would film. I'm an entire show on their own phone talking to themselves and from there a character blossomed which was a version of me but maybe not so smart. Maybe kind of irritating in I think a funny way. I hope so we will link to that show because it's from a while ago. If you WANNA see yet but either way this is a process that you can see across all of entertainment. I feel grateful to have experienced as a creator and my guest today are all fantastic T._v.. Writers and COMEDIANS. I'm joined by Haley Kanter Chase Mitchell and Ben Joseph all returning guests of show all old pals of mine and and just really really sharp and fantastic on knowing about these franchises and knowing about the process of making things like that they're all working writers who are doing it right now. Now I also highly recommend you check them out and follow them on twitter and everything so there's going to be all kinds of food newts of them and either way. I really hope you'll enjoy this show where we dig into Again v Very Biggest T._v.. Shows and movies where you I think they were made that way on purpose the whole time and actually it was just a financial limitation that made good things happen so please set back or sit on some kind of milk crate or or loose old wooden spool or something because you don't have enough money for a chair. I think that's the start of an amazing setting situation. If it works like Hollywood works either way here's this episode.

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