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Al Campbell, ex essentials on now assigned for your wrong, Andrea. All right. Correct. Me please. Okay. So poke them on ruby sapphire, emerald sold thirty six point six. Okay million. Okay. Season. Third spouse would on thinking and I can see that. Yeah, and then it was diamond Pearl. Platinum twenty five point to Pokemon black and white twenty four point one x and y sixteen point two sun and moon did twenty three point six. I don't know why those almost like in chronological order with the exception of sun and moon, they've gone from the most selling to the least selling. We'll just brakes the longer they're out. They just keep going correct. So the keep growing so I might I might be wrong because then if the old ones just keep selling more, let's go Judy. We could never beat them. Right. Is the the older ones are only going to be released on more consuls. Those sales numbers are just going to grow and this chart that I'm looking at, breaks it down. So like for example, the Polk Amman black and white numbers are. Broken down between Pokomo black and white and black two and white two will guts necessarily. Those are different games, right at the total. Is those two added together? What's yeah, black black, white one and two, right? So here for example, it says black and white, sold twenty four point one, six, black and white by itself. So fifteen point, six Pokomo black and white black and white too. So eight point five. So together they sold twenty four point one. I'll like that. Poke them on red blue, yellow sure. Those are the same game. To isolate these. The number one selling Pokemon game. Standalone was Pokemon red, green and blue released in nineteen Ninety-six with thirty one point, three million. Yes. Standalone. I don't know it because they have Pokemon yellow, poke him on fire, right, and leave green and bokram on red green, blue and yellow all listed under one. So that's how we got local number early fifty, nine point five. Oh, what a disaster. I should've found is I should have found this list first so that by that by this list, number two of all time is Pokemon gold and silver with twenty three point one. That's okay. I'm three is. Pokemon diamond and Pearl. Interesting. You're wrong. I Gotcha wrong. Here we go. On today's morning, show this morning show you're wrong. That doesn't count, get out here, resort. Yeah, it was this about Tim mentioned that there'd be six, Spiderman movies, including venom. Actually, there'd be seven. Oh, Spiderman went through three from Rami. Amazing. Spiderman wanted to spider my homecoming and then. Movies you punk ass bitch, shit. I need a piece about, I'm going to be. Agnosio has admitted. He did not bring up rule sixteen during the drama yesterday. Thank you. Lord opponents is intended was the publisher for path, traveler outside of Japan. So it would be very unlikely come to PS four. This is Sarah -ly. I would wonder if there's been a historic history for that. If an antenna was a publisher switched in somebody else publish it. Maybe maybe, whereas the very final minutes. Gopi. Yeah, wait one minute. Part of the Cps poem. Thank you for those PS VR numbers. But I did update that during the show. Let's see here. Yeah, I'll tell them correction. Someone. Wait, what. So this is a question for Luke shock for someone that night antics of the developer wants to add Peavy p in two thousand eighteen now that they will add it in two thousand eighteen just trying to keep expectations in check as it technically has not been converted for this year. That's that's important. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I believe, did he do the squad up. Okay. I was looking at Pokomo numbers. Tomorrow's house is Greg and Gary? Yes. Mr Greg Miller is back from battle creek Michigan to tell us of his time at Buffalo Wild Wings and don't forget tomorrow morning at seven, AM bright and early Mr.. Tim gettys will be here to do a live reactions to the Nintendo direct for smash ultimate. So. So excited. I'm not lying. It was difficult to fall asleep last night. Yeah, I'm such a fucking there. I don't care man. I just love. There's nothing I love more than smash brothers and for them to just be like, we're going to do a whole tracks on this. I'm like, again, just keep you.

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