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Moyes has been assassinated in his home by a group of Attackers. Eric Adams declares victory in the New York City primary race and two very rich people are paying lots of money to send themselves to space. We'll talk to one of them. It's Wednesday, July 7th. The ticker tape parade kicks off at 11, and the news is next. Live from NPR News. I'm Janine Herbst. Haiti's president, Juvenal Moyes has been assassinated. In a statement in French, the country's acting prime minister, Claude Joseph says a group attacked the private residence of the president and killed him. The Attackers haven't been identified. The first lady was wounded in the attack. Federal health authorities say the highly contagious Delta variant is now the dominant coronavirus train in the US NPR's Rob Stein has more, the CDC says the delta variant has now taken over in the United States, According to the new estimate, the Delta strain is causing more than half of all new infections. It's even more common than that in some parts of the country. Delta is causing more than 80% of infections in some Midwestern states like Missouri, Kansas in Iowa. The new estimate comes as health officials in Israel are raising questions about how well the vaccines protect against the delta variant. Rob Stein. NPR NEWS The search for victims of the condo collapse and Surfside, Florida, which has been going on for two weeks continues. 36 people are confirmed dead. NPR's Greg Allen reports. A federal investigation into the collapse is underway. What came from NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology of Federal Agency is tagging evidence that's being gathered at the site. They've used computer based imaging to create a three d model of the pile of rubble and of the remaining building before was demolished. Miami Dade Police director Freddy Ramirez says his detectives on site are treating it like a crime scene. NPR's Greg Allen. Some lawsuits have already been filed in a local grand jury will likely take up the matter. Miami Dade is convening an expert panel to look into what went wrong and how to prevent it in future. Funerals were held yesterday. Meanwhile, in Florida, New York City for people who died in the collapse. President Biden meets with members of his administration today to discuss the latest ransomware attack that crippled hundreds of businesses and more than a dozen countries. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports, intelligence agencies are still assessing the fallout from the breach that was carried out by a group of Russian hackers. The Biden administration says the RANSOMWARE attack that targeted international software provider Cassia shows the need for companies and government agencies to step up their cyber security. Press secretary Jen Psaki says the White House also continues to stand by its policy on ransom payments. We do not advise we advise against in fact companies paying ransom where given it Incentivizes bad actors to repeat this behavior. A Russian linked criminal group is demanding a ransom payment of $70 million to unlock the data. Biden administration is expected to meet with Russian officials next week to discuss cybersecurity moving forward Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington World financial markets. Asian markets were lower by the close the Nikkei and Japan down nearly 1%. You're listening to NPR news. Mm. This is morning edition on W. N. Y. C in New York. It's 704 Good morning. I'm Carrie Nolan. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has secured the Democratic nomination for New York City mayor in the first citywide ranked choice election. W. N Y sees Gwyn Hogan has more New tallies from the city's board of Elections released Tuesday night showed Adams maintained a lead of several 1000 votes more than his rival, Katherine Garcia, the city's former sanitation commissioner. On primary night. Two weeks ago, Adams was ahead, but the city's board of elections had waited to rank voters 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choices and to count absentee ballots. Adams ran a campaign focused on tamping down on gun violence and advocating for blue collar workers. He's expected to easily win the general election in the fall, setting him on track to be New York City's second black mayor. Garcia's campaign declined to comment while they consult with their lawyers. Many other races. Besides the New York City mayoral primary were also decided. Last night. Council member Brad Lander maintained his lead over Speaker Corey Johnson in the race for city Comptroller and public advocate Jimani Williams held onto his seat. Racist for borough president. The winners appear to be Vanessa Gibson in the Bronx, Mark Levin in Manhattan, Donovan Richards in Queens, Antonio Reynoso in Brooklyn and Mark Murphy on Staten Island. New York City's newly expanded summer school kicked off yesterday. The free program is a mix of academic support and activities designed to help kids get ready to return to school in the fall. Parent, Jenelle Pilgrim dropped off her elementary school age son at PS six in Brooklyn. I think it's a great idea for him because you know.

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