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All right welcome back honored to have on the show senator tim kaine almost vice president of the united states welcome senator hey larry great to be with you yet don't believe fake news i feel like it looks so i'll talk about that in a little bit but there's so many things going on right now center and thank you so much for taking time out to speak with us today i you know it's so funny as i'm saying these words i was like man it'd be so great if if anybody could just call senator call somebody say please help what's going on give us some insight into the process i i wanna get your taken there's breaking news right now and i'm recording this and january twentieth on a wednesday and i think the president just issued an executive order putting out the fire that he started i believe trying to so yeah it's interesting that they were recording his june twenty is world refugee day so that they every year where we think about the needs of refugees all over the globe and the put executive were still digging into it but it basically says look if you it clearly says this if you come to the border and cross and you're here illegally right we will not separate you from your family as we figure out what to do unless there's some you know some showing that the child may be endangered by the family member there with but it doesn't answer another question that i'm digging into which is a lot of people are coming to our border they're not here legally they're coming in i want to file for asylum so they're trying to take advantage of a legal process that the us has long provided for people who are fleeing extreme situations the that's what we're no longer going to allow silom for violence or domestic abuse but it's a little unclear you're not exactly here illegally if you come to a port of entry and say i wanna for silent what's going to happen about that and then the second thing that's very obvious and obvious concern what about the twenty four hundred kids that are in these places separated parents been separated yeah what are you going to do to get them back together one heartbreaking story that appeared in the papers right before father's day was of a honduran father who came here with his wife and three year old son he came after his brotherinlaw was murdered by drug gangs and copan honduras i lived in honduras many years ago and when his child was taken away from him he had a panic attack and and fought back they put him in jail and he committed suicide and and so i think there's going to be some we'd need to stay on this administration about the reunification of these families that were so heartlessly separated you bring an interesting point about hunters and what goes on for persons life in countries like that where you have teenagers who come of age and gang members approach them and give them an ultimatum you join us or you know sorry no more life for you you know people that flee those situations story of a mom told her son to run after he'd been beaten you know just to run for the border whatever well what is it about hachem most americans really don't know what's actually happening with the immigration situation on the southern border yeah larry we i think those of us in atlanta work we have to do a better job of describing it because i'm gonna take it to another level it's not just honduras is i'll use hundreds of it's not just that the country they're so violent that parents make this sophie's choice type of sending their kid away or even the parent company child aleve the violence and under is related to the united states it's it's us consumption of illegal drugs grown in colombia and mexico and other places that are transiting north and the us dollars to pay for the drugs or transmitting south and all that money goes into these tiny poor communities the gangs are fighting like hell to be the top dog and get the money and so the violence that's driven in these neighborhoods is largely driven around drug trade that's that is there to feed in american consumer so that that it's not that these kids are coming to the us and we are unconnected.

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