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I discussed with him. I said to him, nNcholas, number one, your shoulder line should be slightly slanted throughout the film. And he said, why is it now to it? Just to you, have to look somehow uncomfortably in your body. Secondly, hold your head like vulture a little bit ahead of. Of your shoulders. It should be your gaze should precede, should precede your shoulders that was all set to amend and immediately somehow. Got it. So that's body language. But of course, we're more things in basically nNcholas cage, and I saw his an ingenious actor way way underused in a industry. I immediately understood. He has to be the basic architect of his own performance. He had to be like that. And quite often, I would give him certain details and. Sometimes things in general. His said to me on the second day, I think of shooting when I know you hate to discuss with your actors in motivations and weeks of debates and what his childhood might have been, what his dramas might be. I know you dislike that profoundly. I said, you're right, nNcholas and decide. But one thing I would like to know why is a bad Lieutenant so bad? Is it drug addiction? It is his dysfunctional family. Is it Hurricane Katrina? Is it the corruption in the police force said, don't read loans to stop it right there. And I said to him, nNcholas, you know there such a thing, like the bliss of evil, go freight and his saved. I got it. And the way he enjoys it being bad in the film, Mexico, phenomenal. Well, he certainly came through for you. Yeah, that's no wonderful, wonderful collaboration. And. I kind of miss. I miss him. I miss him. I, he's one of my here. I love him. No, it's and it's by. I do believe in his himself. Publishes it on his website. He speaks and I agree that this is by far his best performance ever in a long pause it long. Nothing again and then comes film that won him that kademi award. Was it Leaving Las reiver's, Leaving Las Vegas his his extraordinary there? Yeah, absolutely. I hate to be so specific and mundane when we're talking. Great generalizations about the nature of what you do, but the these arrows remind me of Keva forgotten dreams and which is such an extraordinary film, but you decide to shoot it in three D. And I was lucky enough to see it in three d and it was one of the few three d. movies I felt was worth. I see showing only one. I don't do you know what would not know any other that where it was somehow mandatory to it in three year, that's the thing is like with every other kind of trick or technique when used? Well, it's exciting when used just because it's not so so capable forgotten dreams. I remember people seeing it for the first time and when the sphere comes out at them, everybody said, see that. That's why you have three d. is because you need it to be impacting use. But the strange thing is that never planned to do it in three d. But since a cave is completely off limits for anyone, they allowed me to enter the k. for half an hour weeks before I started shooting. So I was in there with my wife and I had the feeling from photo said I had seen the fairly flat walls in the paintings on it and entering the cave. Number one, it's a fantastic sort of three dimensional creature with stalactites stalagmites. Then it's not flat walls. It's wildly undulating walls and recesses the artists. The creators of these images, thirty five thousand years back in time they utilized the formation in the drama are off the three dimensional thing. For example, a Belgian rock was utilized for the poultry neck of a price. Person that comes charging at you and I thought my God, this has to three and and I cannot avoid it. Even though I'm not a great friend of three deep at adhere, this must be done like that. So against all odds. Yes, it ended up as a three day film and how much harder did make to shoot. Well, it was hard to shoot it because we only had six days each of these six days only four hours filming. We had no support. We were not allowed support from outside. There's a big steel or like in a Bank vault. It opens once the climate had been unchanged in unpurturbed inside for twenty eight thousand years..

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