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Show at one thirty in the morning. But nobody's watching it it failed. I never see any clips go viral so when you fail miserably the gray show on e e. I feel like bathroom. It really takes you. Don't even touch that person now. Coleen who's had two successful Netflix shows in a stand up special on Netflix. Like I feel like she's forever because she has like another thing with Netflix Broadway. So I feel like once you have successful stuff. It's but when you have something tank. Like lily knowing hairs good for her. Yeah Coleen Right Choline. Yeah Spell Colleen Choline I love her. She's like one of my favorite people in the whole world. Like she's really and she the fascinated at Broadway. I'm jealous her career. I'm so jealous of. I love her. I love her trajectory to cause I never liked Miranda sings. No neither but I like her. Yeah I like now. That she's doing all this mommy vlogger. Yeah just her of logging just like hers. More interesting and her show. She sells I want to show in Utah. She flew me out there like just because she sold out like three a three thousand seat theater in Salt Lake City part of her show. I just that one went on stage and I don't even know what we did. I think he did like an impression. I don't even know but I never bet she's like oh there's a part of a show where you doing random impressions and says she brought onstage. I don't know I'm so bad at that kind of stuff but it was impressive. She's very impressive to. She's been around for so long and she's been having lasting power but anyway should we do one for your channel. Your where should people find you? Where do you like to promote? Well if you're listening that means you're probably a fan of PODCASTS. In general listen to my podcast. The Perez Hilton podcast with Chris. Booker you could hear that. On spotify or Apple podcasts or directly at Perez PODCASTS DOT com. I have two youtube channels one where I just spilled the tea that's Perez Hilton and then one family channel kids. My mom and I also talk health and wellness or whatever it may be that's Perez Hilton and family and I'm across social media obsessed with. Tick Tock Tick Tock is where you should be falling yet. Perez Hilton Talk. I'm everywhere no most of the other. Well I'm have to brands so the Perez wholesome and so on took 'em there's only one account. I'm not doing celebrity news on time every once in a while. I do but not for the most part and then instagram. The Perez Hilton is my personal one. Peretz Hilton is the website. Youtube Perez Hilton his pop culture and the process and his family. And then to facebook's twitter's picking exhausted resident and Uprise Hilton. Yes only fans residents man. Follow him on there. Maybe we'll doing a video. Tectonics duboe okay. All right. We'll do a song picked out for us in everything that we're talk dances or no. I know I do dancing videos but I don't recreate the dance pop in you don't like that. I don't have the time to learn a frigging ends. I'm not good at. I liked Dana. I'll be silly but I ain't GONNA learn it. No I'm not that person. I love dancing and being fabulous. Maybe we'll dance. Got Adam Corolla dancing. Tick Tock Dance. Taught him and everything we can. Just make up our own dance. I don't think that's cool. I like these kids. Know the cool moves because the wo- in the what's the new one like the five Song A. What is that one? The back though that.

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