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But you've got something on your sound you've got something on your side when you make a decision the universe lines up to help you make that decision right. Let me tell you when the universe backs away. The universe doesn't like wishy-washy the universe doesn't like UNCERTAINTY UNIVERSE. Hates confusion so when you make a decision and you commit to that decision and then you know your job is to make it right to make it right. The universe gives you another way to make it right. The universe gives you another way to make it right and the universally into another way to make it right when you sit in indecision or uncertainty or wishy washy or an in out. And you're doing the Hokey pokey and time. The doesn't know what to do with you. It doesn't know how to support you know what to bring you. God doesn't know how to talk to you and so if you're wondering why is everybody else getting these messages from the universe? Why is everything falling in other people's lap? And why does my neighbor make it? Look easy why does my coach make? It seems simple. And why does my colleague in this program? Things seemed just to line up. It's because they you're choosing barbed wire over cashmere. They are saying I am willing to do the hard scary ugly non graceful thing in every day work towards making that decision right eight. Because I know what's on the other side of that and then you start to see. Somebody's life look lucky. Right you ever say that. For that person's life is so lucky. They are lucky because they do the hard stuff. They make decisions not to feel good but they make decisions for the do good right. And that's what I want all of you to be hanging about today this weekend next week this month is how indecisive are you? And what is the pain that you were imposing upon yourself in that indecisiveness? How easy do you want this? Because the more easy you want this or hard you will make this. I have a huge commission piece of artwork that Hanes in my office by cloud that says this shit is hard. That's why it works. This shit is hard. That's why it works right so when you are in the action and when.

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