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You know. Technically last tuesday. The tenth of november marked the one year anniversary of the podcast. So i actually owe a big thank you to you. Some of you guys have been with me from episode one. You've witnessed the evolution of this podcast from the very beginning. You've witnessed my successes and my setbacks you've listened to my rants might bad jokes and maybe you've learned to along the way no matter how long you've been listening to the podcast. Thank you for listening the truth. Is i do this podcast. Even if nobody was listening. But you guys all make it worth it so thank you very much. It's actually crazy for me to think that everyday people all over the planet listened to talking mo- parts that is insane to me but before we get to show on the road. I have to shout out to every listener. Everyone who has ever sent me their mo- par story to share on the show. Everyone who has ever shared their stories via of my voicemail. All the people who have reached out to me just to say that they enjoy the show and a very special. Thanks to all my guests that have been gracious enough to come on the show and tell us they're mo- par stories and have a good time so special. Thanks to chuck in matt mcmurray of hemi pages dot com and build mo- par dot com johnny moped par blake anderman of diy hemi dot com but clube of cortec kappa club. And my pal mike coffee. Also i can't forget to thank rob kibi from the muscle car place for having me on episode number four forty of a show. That was fun. There are so many people that i could sit here and thank but you to know that if you have supported me in this podcast in any kind of way. Thank you so much for the support. My friends my family. My wife my daughter. Thank you guys for. Just showing me love and support. It really means a lot to me. And the reach of this podcast. You know has spanned the globe. And that's an accomplishment in and of itself and that wouldn't be possible without all of you so a big thank you to every single one of you out there and podcast land. Thank you so much for listening. You're probably wondering what i'm doing for this first anniversary episode. And i'm gonna to be honest here and say that i really had no special plans for it. I can tell you that. I have been promising to catch up on listeners stories and being a man of my word. That's what we're going to be doing here today. But not before the usual suspects of project car of the week and high performance parts. And you know we'll close show with a bunch of listeners stories. So i also want to say that before we shut the showdown. I do have a special announcement that you won't wanna miss. So let's get this show on.

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