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All right great to have you win on a happy new year everybody happy new year i want to thank everybody who has for the last couple of years join me over at this new network is our job to keep just crushing it could not be happier already have our game plan worked out for the next several months holly's joining me today christine is out for a week or two i'm not sure exactly what could be coming back tomorrow is that the schedule i'm on standby okay i'm here actually it on vacation and she's work and she's doing stuff but i just want to thank everybody we've got tony gonzalez peter king charlie weis danny canal shows up obviously later later later today we've got two huge college football games so i'm going to give you coming up next las vegas has given you the odds for all these teams all twelve of them in the playoffs and i think they've made two mistakes both in the nfc that from los angeles is coming up next great w n happy new year's everybody tony gonzales top of the hour peter king charlie weis danny canal last hour it is great debbie and holly saunders joining me so here's how vegas sees it i think vegas his mostly ride but the reason i was able to hit sixty percent on my nfl picks is because i do think baguettes does make mistakes they're granular mistakes they're tiny mistakes they're small mistakes they're not huge mistakes but they make some mistakes so they lay out all the odds for the pro football championship according to the west gates super book here you go the patriots a two to one and viking steelers saints rams eagles falcons chiefs jagr's panthers titans bills i think it's mostly right i think they made two mistakes i think they have the atlanta falcons too high and the carolina panthers to low there are a variety of things i look at about a half dozen things i look at let's just take it lanna and carolina and compare the two i think vegas got atlanta too high in carolina to low i look at defense.

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