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Interrupt this program to activate the emergency alert system for the Washington D.C. metropolitan operational area because of a local weather emergency. The national weather service in Sterling Virginia is issued a severe tornado warning for parts of south central Falk here county and central culpepper county until 3 p.m., just a little while ago, the weather service spotted a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado located near culpepper moving east at 15 miles an hour if your east of culpeper watch out. Beware of any dangerous debris caught from wind if you live in communities like brandy, station, elkwood, and Remington seek shelter now in the basement or interior room of your home. Once again, a tornado warning in effect for south central falkirk county and central culpepper county until 3 p.m.. And let's head on over to storm team four. I think we have a mic standiford standing bias. We have this tornado warning. What do you know right now, Mike? Good afternoon, Sean, we've seen a definite hook on this radar here. In between culpepper and Remington, I think this is going to pass just to the south of Remington as this tornado moves off to the east around 15 to 20 miles an hour. The city of mooresville, not in the warning yet, but you're in the path of this storm. And if this holds together, we may see mornings go downstream, including morrisville and the gold vein area as this activity moves off east at 15 or 20 miles an hour, but once again, lowest floor of your home or business as many walls in between you and the outdoors as possible and the lowest you can get in the home or business the best, especially if you can get into a basement but there is a pronounced hook on the radar passing just south of the rummaged right now and heading toward the town of morrisville. And we'll see more showers this to us for the next several hours, risk for severe weather will be with us into the evening hours, then later tonight there's a flood watch until midnight, the severe threat will win, but we'll see a risk of flooding until around midnight is a cold front comes through overnight storms and lows in the 60s, it will turn sunny and less muggy tomorrow with highs around 80 but once again, south and more of the Remington area, a tornado warning and we do have a pronounced hook on the radar. We'll keep you updated. I'm storm team forge Mike's Jennifer. All righty, thank you, Mike, it is two 42 here on WTO. New developments in the legal case surrounding the appointment of an outside lawyer to review

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