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To you by the Ad Council Cos time. 4 44 We bring you traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Cuban Law Group Traffic Center, where the snarls Marina. Well, I do want to mention car fire. So it's fourth Avenue south, just south of Edgar Martinez Drive in Seattle, right near I 90 s so it looks like fire department is on the way to that car fire, so just a heads up. Every traveling through that area. We it is pretty snarled south on I five. Although improving south of the U District into Seattle south found four or five also improving so your backup doesn't begin at Northeast eighth. Now it starts it just right around 20th and towards Cold Creek Parkway, And then it opens up again. South on I five that is stopped a solid from highway 18 into the five curve. South at 167, still sluggish at Ellingson and then again from the 24th into Sumner and we still have a long term issue in Sumner West on Highway 162. Right near 74th Street Court East the right lane has blocked this look at traffic, sponsored by Audible, Unlimited audio streaming is yours with audible plus enjoy thousands of select audible originals, audiobooks, podcasts and more sign up for a free audible plus trialing audible dot com. Your next coma. Traffic at 4 54 cooler, cloudier end of Yeah, shall Ray to our forecast for the Puget Sound area next couple of days who might get a few sun breaks and thunderstorms to kind of, you know, season it even further with high.

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