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So that got people's attention really it's a matter of you know with the tax cuts late last year boosting results mean s and p five hundred prophet running about twenty one percent growth at this point for the first quarter which is sort of in line with an analysts are expecting for the full year it's like okay it's out there so now where are the holes in the arguments so to speak and then it's really seems to be a bit of a focus as we go through and evaluate the response to these results all right well let's focus on automobiles for just a moment got jamie butters who is our auto team editor for bloomberg joining us from our detroit bureau jamie we got some of the sales results pretty good for fiat chrysler i believe everyone was looking forward to klein they posted an increase for the month of april also ford doing less poorly i guess sprite sprite results ford shares up about three tenths of a percent right now give us the details yeah it's pretty limited results so far but yeah fiat chrysler was a big surprise they had some recovery in their fleet business which you know normally we think of as a bad thing it's like deeply discounted rental cars and stuff but the the way they're lineup of plays out this year they really kind of double barreled on ramp pick ups so they're starting to make rams at the sterling heights plant that used to make chrysler to hundreds that were mostly just sold the rental cars now they're making these top dollar rams they're slowly building that up but they're cranking out the old ones at their old plant in warren that they can sell and really try to try to take some fleet share from gm and ford that's an opportunity for them one thing that i'm struck by is that four didn't disappoint as badly as people had expected you at shares are still down slightly and fiat chrysler shares are up but just barely i mean it seems like it'll take a lot more than this to move the shares what will it take yeah i mean on a on a day like today i mean the.

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