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Your shot at five hundred dollars cash abc county cumulus station kabc news is live and local at one o'clock i'm jeff wiggle and hundreds of mourners braved the rain today to honor the fallen pomona police officer who was killed in the line of duty earlier this month at purpose church in pomona police chief michael oliveri talked about the lasting impact officer gregory cassia says leaving behind in his community and for his brothers and sisters behind the badge tonight i'll be attending a police academy graduation a day where these young souls will stand as proudly as greg did willing and ready to serve may greg's legacy live on on march ninth officer casillas was fatally shot through a door after chasing a suspect into an apartment complex he leaves behind a wife and two young children james throw haas kabc news a large chunk of hillside just below la tuna canyon road in sun valley collapsed overnight during an intense downpour but there's no homes in the area so structures were damaged and no injuries are reported la tuna canyon road had already been shut down south of the two ten foothill freeway as a precaution the mandatory evacuation orders for the creek fire burn area in sylmar were cancelled last night but extra la county firefighters are patrolling caygill canyon lopez canyon and little to hunger canyon today due to the threat of mudslides from our latest storm fire captain heather hoaglund tells nbc four news most of the canyons residents refused to evacuate anyway been through it before they're going to do what they wanna do we tell them to be careful keeping out for the weather watch for the changes and just hopefully it starts to get bad take it out of the.

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