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So starting on audio virtual tower of Alexia. Where would you normally start? Let's take off a few must see sites for anyone coming to Valencia for a first time. Well we meet the sensor in the also Eddyville Historical Sense Plaza del Virgin by the financing. Which of course his dominated by the Cathedral Valencia Cathedral then go behind a walk through the beautiful walkway which is the basilica which is kind of the work in positive the cathedral and we go to the Roman the Roman origins of the city? Which is the Amona Romanowski Logical Museum? Don't go outside the these in. But I recommend that you do is Fabulous Museum. Just two euros to get in to your eyes euros entries fantastic you go in and underneath a museum in the basement is off the Roman ruins the original Roman the Roman Bath House Forum. And it's really good how they designed it. It woke over three inches of glass clear glass and so they designed it where you can actually walk over the raise and see them spread out below yet. It was finally. It'll Valencia the Roman time Lenzi. Ah which means Vega Yeah. I think we've got the wood valiant from it. Isn't that what it means interesting vigor? Valiant yes so? Valencia is actually the city of the brave as as it translates to modern day. It was the night crop of the Roman Empire allied to think of it as a Roman retirement home. It was kind of with the. Yeah it was kind of where the Romans. If you survive the ten or fifteen or twenty stretch the rug Manami you know the infantry. You will kind of sense as rewards. Nc where you could make wine late in the sun setting the scene for BANSA soldiers that were out to graze after they pay unfortunately this kind of utopia didn't last very long because Around the back seventy five years later Partha Roman Civil Brahmin Non Walls. Pompeii raised it to the ground. And so that was the end of the original ten. Palencia will square that you're on. This is a big marble squad found in the Middle.

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