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Radio sports I'm John Rogers dealers in coach Mike Tomlin released a statement today regarding responded to brown's defense been miles Garrity alleges that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur towards him just before the brawl at the end of their November game commerce city supporter Rudolph because he knows him and also we drag with many of the Browns organization after that game receive no indication of anything racial in those interactions on the college basketball scoreboard a thriller in the ACC goes down to the wire get the ball if you read the whole outlook for six seven zero five seven zero what's up with NBA three eighty two seventy seven yeah but number eight Florida state eighty to seventy seven over Syracuse the caller Learfield IMG college Seminoles now twenty wanted for eleven and three and the ACC in the big twelve number three Kansas gets passed over much eighty seven to seventy more his Garrett with twenty four points six great day is now twenty three into a seventy one to sixty three win at UMass the two minutes to go in the second half off almost daily number twenty four Texas tech sixty six to sixty five Najaf on ESPN two via the app as well all this leads at number twelve Kentucky twenty seven to twenty five week two of the XFL or in the second quarter the DC defenders with the New York guardians nine to nothing it's on ABC Cardale Jones with a touchdown pass number three Kansas looks to keep pace in the big twelve when they take on the Iowa state cyclones Monday at eight thirty eastern on ESPN radio and on ESPN who thinks he's gettin a now alongside amber will sit here's an eight gold it this is ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty I'm in the golden along side amber Wilson we are presented by progressive insurance all of our guests join us via the shale Pennzoil performance lined in amber is the unofficial middle of the season and right now you have the Lakers atop the Western Conference you have the walkie Bucks atop the Eastern Conference do you see that changing at all over the second half of the season no I don't I certainly don't see it changing in the Eastern Conference I know we had a conversation off air of weather saying that is disrespectful to the raptors but I just think that the boxer so far and away the best team in the east I mean you're talking about the team with the best defense they've got the best record in the NBA they're just blowing out their teams they're just they have the easier path of course then be a championship then you're talking about with the Western Conference with the Lakers I think the Lakers are a great team and I still would expect them to finish first in the west they just have more competition behind them then the Bucks do and I'm not trying to disrespect all the teams in the east by saying that I'm trying to complement the box by saying that they're just so far in a way that margin to me in the east is just so much bigger than it is in the west I think I agree with you during the regular season once the playoffs start though I've I do appreciate the fact that the raptors now they don't have Kawhi Leonard but they did win the championship last year so they've been there I've got a bunch of weird things one of them is you have to get their Littles to know what it takes to get there and where will they got beer and wine in the Milwaukee Bucks have yet to get there so if there's a situation where they face each other in the playoffs I'm really intrigued because I don't think it's as simple as yeah the Bucks are just going to handle their business over the raptors because of the experience that the raptors have I mean you have guys that are still on that team is huge shots in the NBA finals and again you just don't have that from the books now in the Western Conference I agree with you I think it's the Lakers throughout the season once the playoffs get under way I like the way the clippers match up with them and obviously that's in that the match of we all want to see in the Western Conference finals right the clippers right the the staples what would be called the staple series megas nobody would ever have to leave their seats you just stay in your seat for the whole series a right to know travel with it still have travel days you know I mean you and I think they just switch locker rooms right there good that's their travel you wouldn't really Needham but it gives it the Denver Nuggets nobody's respecting them at all there in second place in the west and I don't think anybody else sees them as legitimate threat yeah I guess we're doing to the nuggets what we're doing to the raptors there and some of that is just well it's Denver and that's not fair probably due to the nuggets but that is what we're doing that like what you're right we just skip over the nuggets and go straight to the clippers because we feel like the nuggets don't really have a legitimate chance at challenging the Lakers and maybe that it bit disrespectful to what the nuggets are doing because like you said they're sitting in second their thirty teen on the season I mean they're a very good team in their own right the raptor they are sitting at second in the east and I'm kind of doing it with them to to be honest I'm kind of skipping over the raptors to the Celtics and again the Celtics have a better chance challenging the rock were not given over you're skipping over the Celtics through your gore right to Miami you know you go there anyway there is a teams and that fourth in the east no but seriously the yeah the Celtics I think are even more of a challenge than maybe the raptors are and and I am doing whatever else is doing with the departure of why lettered on that raptors team I think with the raptors are doing is absolutely incredible I think that none of us expected it we probably should have maybe more because they are the defending champs and they work just the defending champ because a quiet wondered when you lose a peaceful like coal why Leonard and then you talk about the playoffs I just don't see how you can overcome that and the box have a guy named Yanis who is just too good of a player I think in the east and you're just going to have him continue to dominate she has ever Wilson I'm in the golden you're listening to game day on ESPN radio and ESPN radio was presented by progressive insurance drivers to switch in say pay an average of seven hundred and ninety six less dollars per year with it being kind of the mid season time to talk to the midseason awards but before we give all ours let's hear from Nick for Dale ESPN NBA reporter who joins painting company earlier this week and he says there's someone he doesn't think will win the rookie of the year John Marin's gonna win the rookie of the year award flatly because in order it if you were to get hurt he would have to miss basically from now until the end of the year he has such a gigantic advantage on design on anyone else at the moment it's it's his award and I know there's a lot of hype surrounding side and what he's done recently as there should be but he missed way too much time to believe that he can come in now in instantly be the rookie of the year amber I agree I would act I would be pretty furious I don't care what is I and as in the second half of the season I'd be ticked off if he won the rookie of the year because John Moran has been amazing you know much longer they and as I am Williamson has but I wouldn't put it past the voters I know how it is because listening I get it like van Williams and be a part of the future stars game you know less my rising stars game I get it even though when he got selected what do you play three games you know like three to five games you can play a mini games at all but I understand some exhibition you want to get people in those seats so you have you make sure you have him their job Marantz my rookie of the year do you think it's anyways I and sneaks in no I don't I I think that this is absolutely John Marantz award I think it's really cut and dry your talk about rookie of the year who's played for a year you know is played for an entire season that's gonna be John Marie I need somebody to do it all season long now the only way that I things I on get any consideration whatsoever is of John Moran goes out and you know god forbid has some sort of catastrophic injury after the all star break any never plays a you know another game this season then I think by the way he still has played more games than die on will have played something like that but that's the only way the enzyme continues to go on second have the season he does what he has done in the last a few games that we've seen him and that would be the only scenario where maybe you consider giving it says I on Williamson but that's it and hopefully that's not gonna happen John Marantz has been aptly incredible this season obviously the Grizzlies because of him largely because of him I've been a huge surprise this season he deserves all the credit and I think he's going to get it he is the record here I don't even like when they give it like I don't like when they give it to you Ben Simmons when you know it's really a second year in the league but it's his first year playing and he's been able to sit on the bench for a year and how to get accustomed to the NBA and learn a thing or two and then he comes in and when to rookie of the year is not really a rookie I don't even like that so for me if you're gonna win rookie of the year it needs to be your rookie true rookie season in the NBA and you need to be doing it all season long and that is John Marantz now as far as the MVP is concerned in my opinion it has been lebron James twenty five points a game ten a tennis is now almost eight rebounds a game to end lebron is so special that we take his specialness to invent a make up work out for granted right we take how special he is for granted because you go yeah well he he has a three Davis with them in in and I feel like most people try to reason away why lebron is it the MVP he's playing in that way they're having a great year also the fact of the the tragedy to happen with Kobe Bryant I think a lot of people are going to think about that because it's more than just playing basketball now you know he is especially for this year because the so fresh in everybody's hearts and minds that he is you know representing the Lakers at the Kobe less you know Lakers nothing that's going to stick with a lot of people for that reason it's even more pressure on him he's still performing as the greatest basketball player to ever play the game so for me lebron gets my half mid season MVP I see what you're doing here because you're setting me up at the very end of the segment so I don't have much time to argue that we yeah right your wrong doing here it is I'm not lebron now there are seasons lebron deserve to win the MVP that he did not to win the N. B. P. because of the lebron a fact and will people used to love to hate lebron James it's Jana's though this season who deserves to win the NB PM you're talking about the the best player arguably the best team with the best record and the reason for that is because the young he's not doing it with an all time due out like a lot of these other guys who are in consideration for that right away you already you already set this up trying up against the break I see you in here and that I am on to you know it's not as he's blown out opponent opponents he's on the best a team and it's it's all Yanis all day long so he deserves the envy envy P. this is I put lebron behind him and I I put Jimmy Butler in that conversation as well all in one.

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